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New story coming soon! · 12:37am October 2nd

Ye gods. Anyway, this is not super long, but it does help in getting me rolling. Don't worry I'm not dropping anything else, Isekai and the others are also being worked on.

For now...

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Comments ( 14 )

Is the song a hint? Because if your next work is anything like the content of Gloryhammer, then it shall be truly glorious.

A story about that time Hitch found Thor's hammer?

--Sweetie Belle

That video has big Kung Fury vibes. Also as a keyboardist and appreciator of cool shit, that's a dope hologram keyboard, although you would have to be careful with arm positioning or it would be hell on your wrists.

Oh this looks like its gonna be chaotic fun!

...You know, I wonder what the initial proposal for forming the band was like? The concept is just a little bit out there, after all. :D
But, hey, seems to be working out for them, so well done.
(I kind of wonder if it was just a bunch of friends who were a: nerds and b: musicians sitting around joking one day, and then one of them said "Wait, we could actually do this.". No idea how true that might or might not be, though. :D)

Oh, and good luck with the writing!

Is this related to WoW in some way? 🤔

Gloryhammer! I know that band!

...this post reminded me of everything actually going on with glorhammer irl and now I am sad.

Wanderer D

5590573 I mean... yeah. I hadn't seen that, but at the very least it seems they're acknowledging what happened and intend to clean up. We'll see what comes up in the next months.

Ow sick this should be interesting

GloryHammer, a DnD group that was told to get out of the basement a few hours so they went to the garage and started a rock band:rainbowlaugh:

Except for firing their lead singer which... I mean... how do you fire and then try to replace the guys who literally OWNS THE RIGHTS to your band name??

Edit to back up my claims here: https://tmdb.eu/trademark/WO-1516298-gloryhammer.html

i am wondering if your actually going to finish rewriting the empty room eventually not demanding you do it right now just want to know if it will be finished in the future

Don't worry I'm not dropping anything else, Isekai and the others are also being worked on.

TSC? Isekai?
(I use that image every chance I get, don't take it personally)

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