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And Desperados is done! · 9:02pm October 1st

I've been done for a while, but now the last chapter is out for you to read. Yay! Now let me know if you enjoyed the story, of if it was just a long slog that you pushed yourself to finish, feedback is always welcomed. (Proper feedback, not just "You suck, go jump in a fire.")

That said, I do plan on picking Desprados back up once the current story I'm working on is finished. Though I don't know how long that will be, I do know I'm not planning on an epic or anything, and likely I'm already nearly half done. Might do a few shorts, all depending on where the wind blows. I do know I have had fun with this, just getting the story out of my head and giving these characters life. Which for someone like me has been weird, as for most of my life I avoided reading and righting dough to my dyslexia. It's still not easy, but reading has become easier for me, and I have learned to enjoy righting.

So ya, what I have planed for the future is this:

"A Wastelanders Tale." (Name may change) - This will be a Mature story about Lottery going out into the wasteland agents her parents wishes, seeking adventure. She unfortunately gets what she looked for, not just seeing the worse, but experiencing it herself. But will she let the wastland consume her, or rise above and stop the nightmare she put into motion.

"Desperados Volume 2" After arriving at PC's farm, the three Desperados are asked to help the ex-Redeye bounty hunter turned farmer, to secure a recently discovers M.o.M. weapons stash. Being a farmer is not easy in the wasteland, and and when the competition has hired Blue-sky to push her out, well, you can never have enough guns.

"Desperados Volume 3" Joining up with the rest of the Desperados at the Platinum hill trading post, Harp discovers something she'd been longing for, a connection to her past. The trading post is built on top of Princess Platinum's tomb, protected by a royal guard of steal rangers, and blocked by magic that only those with royal blood can pass. To put it simply, Harp's appearance quickly becomes a big deal. But not all is sunshine and rainbows, as Purity Spiral and her Zealous follower of the O.I.A. have found feral ground for their madness within Platinum Hill. Past sins clash for an uncertain future, where all falls into the hooves of Harp Melody.

"Desperados Volume 3" Still too far for me to decide, but this will be about the war between the Desperados, and the Equalists. Bikers vs Cybernetic Communists, Oh my!

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That sounds good. I can't wait for more!

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