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mid-week thoughts · 3:53pm Sep 30th, 2021

2 new gen 5 stories!

I wasn't sure if I'd write gen 5 fiction or stick to gen 4, but I've had some great discussions on discord and got encouraged to go for it. I'm glad I did, it was fun. Even if it means no one will look at Izzy the same way again. :trollestia: Might toss a comedy tag on it though so I don't scare anyone off?

Dash of Humanity 3

I got a 4k word intro chapter done for the re-write of the 3rd story. It was tricky to try to balance a lot of things into it, but I think it's gotten there.

  • Recap the first two stories for new readers / it's been 8 years
  • Show Tirek so readers know the story is set in season 5
  • Show the Dawn/Dash and mane six relationships that people enjoyed
  • Make it a comedy adventure again like the original

Thought I'd share the progress even though I'm not going to make the mistake of rushing to publish. Once I have several chapters done I'll probably get feedback and debut it.

It did slow down my work on other stories though (dollhouse 2 and Ponified without consent 2). So it's worth mentioning what I've been spending time on.


I have one other comedy one shot idea for gen 5 rattling around, and I will see about updating one of the stories mentioned above. I might also just devote the time to making a really solid scene by scene outline of the next few chapters instead, guess it depends on whether I cut anymore fingers cooking dinner this weekend. I had to put literal blood into making that Grinded Pony Hooves story! :rainbowlaugh:

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