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Morning start · 4:02am Sep 29th, 2021

*Fallout bites his lower lip and paused to listen for anything after he slowly closed the door that lead to his bedroom where his wife’s were sleeping*

Oh buck I can’t believe I managed to get out of bed on time today…

*fallout looks at the door opposite from him that was labeled workshop and quietly went inside to gather his gear for the day completely unaware of the noises coming from the kitchen downstairs*

Ok crossbow check! Arrows of all kinds check…..I’ll need some snacks but I’ll get that from the market when I leave which needs to be soon before the girls wake up

*after double checking that he has everything he needs fallout makes his way downstairs to the front door but right before he could leave he hears two voices speak up just loud enough for him to hear and not wake the others sleeping*

Darling wait up!

hold on there hun!

*Fallout cursed under his breath and turned around to see Rarity and Applejack walking to him each of them carrying something, Applejack had a large thermos in her mouth while Rarity held a very well decorated bag in her magic after they got to him applejack held the thermos in her hoof*

see ah told ya he was gonna try to sneek out

*sighs* yes I supposed you were right Applejack fallout darling do you really need to sneak out in the mornings?

W-well…..yeah….I do….:sometimes…..

what for?

Uh…..you girls have a habit of making me run late for my work

late? Fallout sweetness your just hunting I’m sure you can do that anytime

Rarity it isn’t that easy some creatures have different sleep schedules or different-

ah think he’s trying to say is it’s complicated right hun

….uh yeah that’s probably one way to say it

it’s the best way to stop ya from turning into twilight

I do not!

darling you kinda do when anypony asks you about monsters or creatures you go on a long rant about them or how they work

I-I’m passionate about my work

a little too much if you ask me

oh leave him alone Rare ah think it’s kinda cute seeing him get all excited while he’s talking about what he loves

especially when it’s about us

*blushes* a-anyway what are you two doing up this early…..we’ll Rarity mostly anyway

we started to notice that you rarely bring food from home to eat on your trips into the everfree

so we decided to make ya something!

Really? Thanks girls I appreciate it what did you make me?

well applejack here made you some spiced apple cider that you love so and I made you those wonderful cucumber sandwiches you enjoy I know you eat a lot so I think I made enough….unless your…..friends show up

Wow I don’t know what to say…I promise you return the favor

hun all ya gotta do is keep loving us

and maybe a nice dinner date tonight? Just the three of us?

Sure I can do that no problem

wonderful! *kisses him* have a wonderful day sweetie please do try to stay safe

I will

and remember to watch your back *kisses him as well* we don’t want a repeat of what happened to your ear

*Fallout touches his left ear which was half gone due to an attack that happened a year ago and laughed* yeah I promise tell the others I love them I’ll try to be back before lunch

we’ll be waiting!

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Aww, they luv him so much :heart:

Too bad Applejack didn’t make any food, bet she would have made a mean Apple Cobbler

Damn I should Have done that

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