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  • 8 weeks
    Dual monitors!

    Finally got my set up... set up!

    You might say I'm now able to see the big picture :trollestia:

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  • 12 weeks

    I'm buzzed im feeling good I literally haven't been around any irl friends for almost a year now and have so little self worth I don't see the point

    Leeeeets chaaats. Discord,here, whatever. Friends are healthy or whatever?

    Seriously idk how to make friends irl so I want them here.

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  • 15 weeks
    A suitable birthday gift...

    Not say I won't keep vodka in hand while I watch... but I'm excited to see our little ponies back in fresh new action on my birthday

    The last two kids movies for Netflix I've watched have been good. I've actually had a song from Vivo stuck in my head

    I love seeing zephyr heights and I love seeing them disguised as unicorns.

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  • 19 weeks
    The greatest manga of our generation

    It is here.

    No matter what generation you are, millennial or baby boomer, this must truly be the greatest manga you'll see in the next five minutes.

    I simply couldn't resist sharing it with everyone I hold near and dear

    Behold... Fry Force

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  • 48 weeks
    Merry christmas and happy holidays to all!

    And to all a good night except you degenerates staying up all night to play Stardew valley.

    May all you holiday wishes come true. Feel free to share your present haul :heart:

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Dual monitors! · 6:29pm September 28th

Finally got my set up... set up!

You might say I'm now able to see the big picture :trollestia:

Almost done setting up my gaming room... yeah I'm slow but mostly its just the chalkboard wall thats not done and changing out the floors which takes money. I'm getting so excited. Having a desk again to play games at or type instead of a coffee table in front of the tv... its been like two years :yay:

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i feel lied to... thats not dual monitor, thats one monitor and a separate laptop.

but your mouse pad, or mouse city block... that thing is the size of my computer table. also soo cool you have the extra space for your handheld games and some storage boxes. that is some good utility, which i really really like.

also... mini figs :pinkiegasp::heart:

Well for now all I have is a laptop or two. Im just excited to have a second screen.

Not seen is a mini fridge next to my desk full of hard seltzer, chocolate, and frozen meals I dont want to share.

yea thats the scuffed setup i have as well. Just had a monitor laying around and decided to plug it in, i gotta say I used to think the 2 monitor thing was a meme but i see the appeal now

im not normally the type to envy, but you are pushing me closer to that line more than anyone has before in my entire life.

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