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So i sat back and watched the new G5 movie · 9:24am Sep 28th, 2021

I'll skip right to the point; I actually liked it. Honestly I went into the movie with no interest whatsoever and thought it would push me away half way in, but as I made it to the end I came out saying "8/10, a heck of alot better then Pony Life ever was and I'll gladly watch it again with my kids." There was several reasons I wasn't keen on watching it before, mainly viewing the synopsis through a political lens, and the fact that the animation and art style looked weird to me. Thankfully forcing myself out of politics helped greatly with my first problem, and seeing how fluid and expressive the characters were in the movie shattered my hesitation towards it. After watching it a few times already, I've also gotten a surge of energy towards writing and now I can brainstorm stories for the future.

That's not even the best thing either, it's the fact that my kids actually enjoyed watching it as well, so as long as they're happy, I'm happy as well.

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Your kids liked it, oh dear.

Have they started to say, 'Bing bong,' whenever someone says the word, 'Mayonnaise,' yet?

I should probably make a post about my thoughts on the film...

Youngest was saying Bing Bong randomly for a bit, which was cute to watch.

Do it!

I really didn't like the movie. Sorry, I can't separate the billionaire class politics/morality from the art itself.

Same, minus the kids part. Surprisingly decent movie, and I actually can't wait to see how they cover tying it all in to the end of G4.

Yeah, I went into it expecting a good movie and got a great movie instead for what it is. It's exactly the comfy/cute pony vibes I have wanted for a while, mixed with a nice, rather quick, little adventure. I also adored the songs and I really like the new setting shown to us and I want to explore more of this far in the future Equestria. As a fan of coastal towns I can safely say I would love to live in Maretime Bay.

That being said, omg Izzy is seriously the best part of the film for me, she's sooooooo adorable and funny and full of life.

That's understandable, considering we seem to live in a society were things are heavy politicized nowadays.

I honestly don´t get it. Wich "billionaire class politics/morality " are you talking ´bout ?

I´m on you on that. That´s really something rare nowadays: a cartoon you can enjoy with your kids, without having to keep up with any wokeness. Only thing I did not like was the lack of more catch songs...only Danger, Danger was worth.

Way better then the new He-Man series, for sure. Looking forward to watch the series.

Some people have noted Sprout bears a resemblance to Trump, and thus it's pushing "Progressive." Agendas. One person I know is waiting for the episode where they mock Christianity

Sprout made me think of the stereotypical Twitter activist, especially with the angry mob song.

Or just asshole bigots in general

In truth he was probably meant to represent just that no matter what the leanings.

I really fucking liked it! Seriously, the characters were fun and unique, the dialogue was snappy and real, great visuals, funny jokes and background gags, great music, it was awesome! Was it perfect? Of course not, but by the end if gave me what I have always and will always want from Pony: cute poners and the occasional giggle.


Heehee it definitely won me over in a big way! :derpytongue2: *Pokémon joke incoming* this umbreon wishes she could use future sight not to attack my opponent 2 turns later, but to see the tv series before it airs. :twistnerd:

I honestly went in with the "Oh great here we go, lets see how this goes." My expectations were at 0, i was expecting some bs or crap, and i actually enjoyed it.

The movie was actually good for once. Tho many a question needs answering and heres hoping in the tv series we get those answers.

5588515 There's that video! (was looking for it)
5588492 I'm not sure about that. Most 'parodies' of him are about as subtle as a crutch. The 'Twitter cancel crowd' meme fits Sprout well.

They wove a lot of modern memes into the the story so we can laugh at them or point and say "I know that guy!" Remember that G4 concentrated on 'good triumphs over evil' in a careful way that many Christian shows have a ham-handed way of hammering into the ground. I remember Jake on an interview some time ago comparing and contrasting the themes of G4 (Honesty, Loyalty, Kindness, Generosity, Laughter, Friendship) with the Army core values, and the themes of the show focus on Uniqueness, Forgiveness and Self-Determination. (See Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, etc...) Keeping that positive viewpoint attracts positive (and intelligent) people. I remember Starlight's Village immediately brought to mind Harrison Bergeron and Syndrome, like thousands of others instantly recognized. We're a bright, happy bunch, and all superheroes under the capes.

Enjoyed it but the issue for me is how it all came to be. What happened to Equestria. Why are the tribes divided with nothing but scraps of history left behind. What kind of catastrophe could divide the land like it did?

The movie itself was enjoyable. It's the little things like I stated above that drive me crazy.

Which song is most stuck in everyone's head? It was mob mob m-m-m-mob for me at first. But now it's gonna be my day and this is how a unicorn walks. :twilightsheepish:

Yeah like, asshole bigots exist in all walks of life. Plus, even if he does superficially resemble Trump, well, parodies and such of him have existed for quite awhile.

Yeah, I could see that. Hmm, never thought of Bergeron when I saw Starlight, saw it more as a cult like mentality. But good catch.

viewing the synopsis through a political lens [...] forcing myself out of politics helped greatly

I was worried from the early promos about her being "an activist" that it was going to be very 'woke' and unsubtly beat you over the head with political messages. And to be fair, they were a little heavy-hoofed with the "racism is bad" overtone. But what I liked better was the subtle way they added in capitalist exploitation of a fearful populous, fascist dictatorships built on that fear, literal mob mentality, popular culture as an distraction/opiate of the masses, the dangers of helicopter parents & special snowflake children, as well as several other minor themes that are both timely and relevant in the current year. All packaged discreetly in a children's movie.
Also the movie was fun, pretty, and is an inspiration to write for a new generation of pony.

I mean, we were all thinking it.

I still need to get around to watching it, I've missed every stream. Biggest thing I've seen from people who have watched it is that it somewhat invalidates or wipes away the events of FiM. Is this accurate, or cherry-picking, or just plain off the mark?



It... really depends on your definition. I mean, it shows the land of Equestria where pony tribes are afraid of each other and live separately. We see stuff related to G4 in the form of mane six dolls, posters, toys, etc. (with one of the movie cities possibly being ruins of Canterlot), but... that's it.

Neither the alicorns nor mane six are ever mentioned by name, and no explanation is given of what happened to them or the land. The only clue we have is that the G4 era is called 'ancient Equestria.' With that, the time skip between G4 and G5 seems to be a few thousand years (assuming they use the word 'ancient' properly).

Is that an invalidation of the entire FiM? Depending on how you look at it, I guess it can be... Then again, a few thousand years is a LONG time, even for alicorns, so...

I know it all feels weird to me, but I'm going to wait for the explanations given in the show.

The thing to note is one character had toys of the Mane Six. And had representation buttons of the cutie Mark's on her bag. I'm guessing the book is where these came from. The father, whose name escapes me was good enough that he was able to research and discover and possibly make toy representations of the Mane Six.

The other thing to note, no roads or rail lines are left. And the ponys of each city do not seem to be traveling or trading with anyone. So it's a possibility other towns or citys exist and we just dont see them and these towns are living in bubbles.

Mob song is still stuck in my head.



So it's a possibility other towns or citys exist and we just dont see them and these towns are living in bubbles.

Possible. Heck, having the new characters travel all over searching for more cities to unite, can work as an interesting adventure plot device if done right. Nothing but to wait and see...

Pretty much. I have a hard time believing large citys were just abandoned and the populations just shrunk to a moderately small town, a patch of woods, and the top of a mountain.

If nothing else, too long of that and inbreeding becomes a issue.

I really loved the characters, but I thought the plot was weak and predictable.

Glad to hear people are enjoying it. Gotta get around to watching it myself. Riiight after I get around to watching the previous movie. Which is still sitting on my shelf. And, uh, has been for about four years, now.

I'm terrible at making myself sit down and just watch things.

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