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TYPE out now.

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  • Wednesday

    Never thought I'd find myself doin' this, but I need y'all help.

    I've heard about a thousand times that the brony community is always there for somebody in need. Well, I'm down really bad right now, and I'm in need.

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  • 4 weeks
    I need y'all opinion.

    Should I just be done wit Fimfiction, or should I write one more story?

    Feel like I should leave this up to y'all.

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  • 4 weeks
    So...where I been at?

    Home, in my bed...a lot. I been real tired lately.

    To be honest, I just been dealin wit a lotta shit recently. I been goin back and forth with my music distributor about some issues with my stuff, I been tryna focus on some other areas of my life, and there's of course the struggle of me tryna get wit this girl I been talkin to.

    Too much for y'all? Probably. But whatever, I'm pressin' on.

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  • 7 weeks

    TYPE drops December 20th.

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  • 8 weeks

    For my 120 homies up in here:

    Y'all prolly know I ain't been active too much lately. I'm workin on my upcoming album, and I been grindin to get these songs recorded over the past few weeks. And I'm recording without a mic, which makes it a lot harder.

    I recently tried to write something funny for y'all, but clearly I failed, cause y'all hated it. I guess I understand that.

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100 followers! · 11:29pm Sep 27th, 2021

Okay, this is awesome. 100 followers! Shout to all the homies rn. But before the main event, some announcements:

First, introducing the Buck Swisher Podcast!

I also have a YouTube Channel up! I plan to start uploading soon.

And now, the face reveal. This is me, homies.

Hope I don't look too bad.

Report Swisher · 105 views · #100 followers
Comments ( 14 )

Ayy, ya'll look awesome! That afro is frickin GOD MODE

You lookin like a rapper:yay:

Yeah, I can lowkey spit a lil bit.
'Preciate you, homie.

8/10 Smokin

Congratulations on the 100 follows! Also, you're lookin' good there, Buck👌

That afro is frickin GOD MODE

I'm just gonna second that, as well :rainbowkiss:

That made me smile. I appreciate ya.
I know, 'fore you know it imma be pullin


I was just about to write that! Haha.

Dude, you owe us a rap when you hit 200 followers. Deal?

Aight, bet. Imma do that.

Imma have some fire for y'all


I might just create a blog to help get you to 200 followers lol

You look like you have a peace wagon. I'd get in if you told me to get in the peace wagon for free candy. :)

Meh, I'm more of a black SUV type dude. But cool.

Cool. I prefer white van with no windows.

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