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Syberia 1 & 2 free on Steam · 8:12pm September 27th

Cross post from Discord:

Microids are giving away both Syberia 1 & 2 to hype up a forth sequel I had no idea was in-coming.


Pretty decent Adventure games. Used to be some of the prettiest in the whole genera, and I've heard some good things.

Always find it rather inspiring how some few brave souls are trying again and again to keep Adventure games going, despite how far and wide it is between the hits of the genera. Sure, you have the odd one out of nowhere like Unavowed that even got some game of year nods, but been a while alas since that genera shaped the entire industry.

Still... dang cool that people so love that type of game they keep on trying. Very inspiring... and of course, that attitude leads to some real gems now and then too.

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Thanks :pinkiehappy:

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