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Uncomfortable · 5:07pm September 27th

It feels nice to be a girl but GOSH it's hard to endure when everyone knows you as a guy

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Yeah.... you're telling me...

But it doesn't have to be permanent, and that's good news. Transitioning in the modern world is a safe and effective procedure that you can undertake too, and that's okay. Give yourself some time; you can start anytime you want, and there is no deadline. It's precisely for you to feel more comfortable. :twilightsmile:

I guess so.. I'm just unsure how to make myself look and feel feminine when I look so manly and honestly, kinda ugly. And if my parents find out, I'm just scared that what happened last time might go down.

Hormones take care of most of it, probably more than you may think! Estrogen/Testosteron each basically direct all gender based characteristics, except for maybe voice, which you'd have to train. This aspect scares me too, it feels impossible, but there are methods which I've seen myself are very effective. Other than that, there is a surgery for it if it would cause you a lot of dysphoria. Adam's Apple can be reduced via a surgery too, and your facial characteristics can be adjusted, albeit that's not always necessary. More NSFW stuff is correctable via surgery as well.

For me, who lives her life on the internet basically, it helped to have others view me as female just here, but... it's a very unique situation.

I'm sorry about the situation with your parents, I'm not sure what to advise here... hey, why don't I get you in contact with a friend of mine on FimFiction? She's an activist and knows quite a bit about those matters, more than me. I know politics may sound scary in this case, but I know for a fact she'd put it all aside completely just to help.

I think I could be alright with that.

Also, my religion is against any kind of social or physical transitioning, which makes things harder.

Sefora #5 · 4 weeks ago · · 1 ·

Girl, who cares. You'll get through this. I mean people should care.... but everything will be okay and you'll go through this alright. Trust me. And I'm here if you need to talk :>

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