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Important Announcement · 2:44am September 27th

I have finally gotten this all sorted out.

I have finally accepted that I am trans, and I have chosen a name for myself: Felicity. I will be redesigning Fancy Mark in a way to make him fit the new me. I hope to be a better person now that I have discovered myself a little better.

So, hi! Felicity here, enjoyin' her time here among her good ol' friends! All of you take care, ya hear me?

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Hello, Felicity, you take care too! :pinkiehappy:

Congrats, girl!
Finding this aspect of yourself can really be a challenge; believe me, I'd know. But you did it, and I'm proud!

Whenever you feel scared or bad, just know that you have us, and we are not ever going to leave you or stop supporting the Felicity we know. Your friends stand beside you, and they won't ever leave because of this.

Nothing will change, girl. And I'm proud you've found your way. :twilightsmile::heart:

Aw, thanks, hon..

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