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On Renewal · 9:34pm September 26th

It remains to be seen what my habits will be with regard to G5, but I've decided that there are at least some thoughts I want to write up about the movie.

Most notable, of course, is the moral that appeals to fear and anger are powerful but can be defeated. It's not for nothing that such appeals are a popular tool in politics (particularly among aspiring dictators); perceived danger elicits an emotional reaction that precedes and suppresses rational thought in favor of quick decisions based on basic classifications, and emotional reactions are contagious. It's not easy to break out of such a state when one can't think clearly about whether one is in such a state. But with practice one can learn to question secondhand dangers and to know without having to think that violence and hate are a sign of unwanted control, and fear and anger aren't the only emotions that can spread.

And linked to this is the fact that children are the easiest to teach to fear or not to fear. Culture wars often come with accusations about who's indoctrinating children (because our side sure isn't), but let's be frank: everybody is indoctrinating children with their ideas. Children don't have much in the way of preconceived notions, so they'll seldom question that whatever behavior is modeled for them is normal. It's hard not to indoctrinate them. So it's only rational, if you're in a position to do so, to teach them prosocial behavior before someone teaches them the opposite, particularly since whatever children think now will tend to be what those in power think in the future.

And that's why MLP reforms so many villains.

On a less serious note, I really wonder what Sunny knows about the ancient history of alicorns and what she's going to do with that knowledge. I doubt everypony is going to decide that this makes her the supreme ruler of Equestria, and as much as the chaotic neutral in me wants to see Sunny reunite Equestria under her rule by any means necessary I really don't expect that to happen.

I also wonder what G5 is going to establish about earth pony magic. It looks like it's going to be more definite than "Tirek needs to take something from earth ponies, so let's say it's strength I guess."

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I thought Sunny was only getting temporary alicornification, like Sunset Shimmer or the Mane 6's Rainbow Power forms.

That's not the impression I got, but we'll see. Most likely we'll know for sure once the first real promotional materials for the series are released.

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