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If I could make a video game perk, it would be Suicidal Tendencies

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    *Cries in adopted*


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  • Thursday
    So, Warzone added a Halloween event

    Ghostface is the announcer, and when you get killed, you become a ghost.


    There’s also a Ghostface bundle I’m tempted to purchase

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  • Tuesday
    Harlem Hellfighters🎵

    *A whistle blows, and men yell as gunfire and explosions begin happening*

    *The instrumental is kicked off by two drums, followed by the guitars*


    Tonight we die!


    They were sent far from home
    To a land so unknown
    Sent there with one purpose in mind
    African Americans, prepare themselves 

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  • Sunday
    It seems like every major horror name is getting rebooted

    Halloween, Saw, Child’s Play, Candy Man, and now Scream

    All we need now is Texas Chainsaw, and Friday the 13th

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  • Sunday
    *Dies of excitement*

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Melody and Hero Review: My Little Pony: A New Generation · 7:12pm September 26th

Alright, so this is my review of My Little Pony: A New Generation. Featuring, my lovely gal, Melody Song!

Hi new friends!!!

Heh, I see Izzy’s rubbing off on you.

Yeah, totally! This day just got a whole lot more interesting!

Heh. So, how should we start this?

Thoughts? Beyond love-love-love?

Heh, I can tell this will be fun.

Okay, okay, serious time!

Personally, I thought that this was a great jump into the new world Sunny and her friends will explore in the season to come.

Mhm! I’m really excited to see more of this new Equestria.

Yeah! They did a great job with all this worldbuilding, and I’m itching to know more about what happened before the start of the movie! Like; where did all the towns come from? What separated the tribes? Where are the ruins of the old towns and Treehouse of Harmony? Where are the other creatures?!

Heh. And I will say, I was worried the animation would be kinda sucky, but honestly? I could work with it.

Yeah! I think it was probably based on the G4 movie but then made even more realistic. Even if the show doesn’t end up with the same animation style I think I could go with it.

Mhm! But, I do have a few complaints, and I’m sure you do too?

A few, yeah. Gentlemen first?

Heh, sure. For one, where are the Sisters? I mean, at least we get the Mane Six for a brief period. But the sisters, Cadence, and Flurry are never brought up.

Hate to admit it but they probably faded into the background as the Mane Six outshined them. The Crystal Empire is also so far north that since trains clearly don’t run anymore… they were probably left out.

Though that also begs the question on where the Student Six are, which is my main problem with the movie.

Oh? Do tell.

Okay, so, from the very beginning, it has been made very clear this was going to feature strictly ponies. And I wouldn’t have any complaints with that.

IF G4, the show this is supposed to be a continuation of, had NOT given us so many wonderfully diverse other kingdoms to explore. The dragons, the hippogriffs, the yaks, the griffons, the CHANGELINGS. All of them.

More than that, they gave the other creatures a group to rally around; the Student Six. And based on the stained glass windows we see Luster and Twilight walk by in the finale of the show, it’s clear these guys have gained some more fame to their names.

So where are they and their fellow creatures?

Welp, I guess we’ll have to wait till the show.

We shouldn’t have to wait though, they could have at least mentioned it. Heck, there was a scene that would have been perfect for them to show at least some “ancient” drawings of other creatures interacting with the ponies.

Yep… also, another thing that should’ve been explained was why didn’t the Windigos show up? I mean, that’s what happened before, right?

Maybe the last time they showed up they were defeated for good? Or maybe the ponies just devised a way of keeping them out.

True. But it still doesn’t make since logically. They lost their magic, so what did they use?

Well, the earth ponies clearly developed machinery, the unicorns have their forest to hide in, and the pegasi are by far the most technologically advanced, even if the royal family merely used simple pulley systems to “fly”.


Another complaint I have is that the division is never explained, and all knowledge of unity is suddenly gone. Like, how? Is this an allegory of how our world slowly forgets the thousands of years that have passed.

Yeah. I mean, there’s not even any signs of a war, everything is pristine and perfect, like nothing changed except all the cities are gone and new, racially-divided ones took over.

Yep. Also, does this mean we’ll never know what became of Luster Dawn? Or her friends?

Guess not? Maybe we’ll find out more on what happened in the series.

Who knows, maybe Luster never accomplished anything, even though she made friends like her mentor wanted. Maybe, like Sunset, she found friendship, but never became an alicorn.

True. But back to what happened, I may have a theory as to what may have happened.

See, since the movie is sort of an allegory for how desperate people will look to any solution, their moral ideologies change. That’s how Hitler and Mussolini rose to power. And as Churchill once proclaimed, history is written by the victor.

So, what if during this war, the pegasi somehow won and kicked the other two races aside. That would explain what happened to Canterlot. They turned it into Zephyr Heights (a pretty common theory). The earth pony reminiscents created Canterlogic as an attempt to take back the city, but couldn’t, on account of now being able to power it for a long time.

The unicorns on the other hand, fled to the Everfree to hide. Nothing really happens to them. 

The mane six attempt to bring the tribes back, but end up going missing (either dying, or getting trapped and frozen until the new characters free them). 

With the three tribes divided, and the other creatures either chased off by the war, or going extinct, they either forget what they’d learned or are fearful of returning.

Eventually, Sunny’s dad finds old documents of the Mane Six and realizes he’s been lied to and tries to convince the other earth ponies to return. But of course, never did.

Also, during the war, the pegasi didn’t sustain that much damage and that’s why their populations are higher than the other two tribes.

But hey, that’s just a theory. A game theory!

It sure is!

Which is why, no offense, I think there are flaws.

Canterlot becoming Zephyr Heights makes sense, especially since you can see remnants of the original gold and white designs, but I don’t think the unicorn’s forest is the same as the Everfree, even though they had magic then, there is no way they would have been able to completely rid it of all the different monsters. And Canterlogic seemed to only start up once Phyllis showed up-if this happened hundreds of years ago she’d probably be Granny’s age. Creating the concepts of the “protection devices,” yeah, that makes sense, but like you said, they probably weren’t able to power them until Phyllis arrived.

Sunny’s dad on the other hand, seems to be a bit of a freelance historian, especially with all the references to G4, such as the painting of Starswirl. Argyle was probably told about the old stories by his own parents, and passed this down to Sunny.

True. But as Churchill (probably) said, history is written by the victor. So, who knows what happened in the span of those years. Maybe when the M6, Y6, and everyone else who were important disappeared, and the new leaders started spreading lies. Hell, maybe the dragons or griffons caused the division.

True, true, as much as we hate to imagine any of them… y’know.

Yep. But who knows, maybe we’ll get answers in the show.

Yeah… too bad we have to wait…

Anyway, more on the movie.

Yep. So, I do want to point something out.

Ooh, do tell.

From what I can tell, this show may be more kid oriented. Don’t get me wrong, G4 was kid oriented too, but in the later seasons (mainly after like… S2-3, the show went balls to the wall). I mean, we had a communist, Trixie nearly killing herself, Twi entering depression several times, a few suggestive jokes, Tempest nearly getting mauled by a bear, demonic rituals. I like the subtle dark humor and themes that appeases the older audience. I feel like G5 may not enter that territory.

It might be too early to tell. I mean, clearly Sprout (personally I think he looked adorable in that general outfit, by the way) didn’t seem interested in just DRIVING OFF the other races, he looked ready to completely destroy them.

(Motherfucker looked like Stalin, but as a pone). Eh, maybe. He did try to kill Sunny and Izzy too. Oop, did we say spoiler alert? Eh, it’s their own fault if they think we’re not going to spoil it.

I’m not saying he didn’t look like Hitler or Stalin or something, but he a silly pone in a too-big outfit, what’s not to love? Anyway, considering, as you said, he seemed about to kill Sunny and the others to get respect (poor thing’s a Diamond Tiara reboot), so it probably isn’t going to be too far fetched to assume the show might be set up for adults and kids.

Okay, you raise good points.

Another adult theme is Sprout’s rise to power. I take it as an allegory of how desperate people will look to anyone who says they have the answer. I mean, look at Germany, Italy, France, and Russia, just to name a few.

No America?

I mean, I guess it’s only fair to call us out too. But I was mainly focusing on situations where the results were not good. I mean, the French killed off like half of their population. The Germans killed off 11 million people. Italy kinda just… got destroyed. And Russia pretty much went to shit for a while.

Well, true…

Backing off World History for a bit, since we’re on the subject of the Big-Mac look-alike, what did you think of Sprout?

Honestly? I called it when I said he would be an antagonist. But, you have to give him sympathy. I mean, Hitch gets all the attention (in the movie, not from the fandom.) and he’s pretty much the underdog.

Agreed. As I briefly offered up before, Sprout seems to have been placed in a position somewhat similar to Diamond Tiara. He has an overbearing mother who enjoys forcing her opinions onto him, he wants to be respected by the ponies he-as the deputy-swore an oath to protect, and he sees the way Hitch is so popular and wants what he has.

True. Speaking of Hitch, we have what might as well be the first male main character. I mean, unlike Spike, who only had a few chunks episodes centered around him/only appeared to be a punching bag (#EndSpikeAbuse), Hitch is in the spotlight with the main cast. Yay for progress!

Yeah! Also, am I the only one who noticed Hitch might have a bit of a crush on Pipp?

Really? I didn’t see it.

I sure did. The first thing he did when he entered the performance area and saw Pipp was stare at her. Pretty sure he was lost in a trance with her, and come on, why else would he have started dancing like that?

Besides, you’re the one who started the “let’s go shipping” thing with Izzy and Sunny.

Because they’re gay togetherrrrrr

No arguments here! They’d make a cute couple.

Or perhaps a herd, if Zipp joined in…


I just rewinded and noticed him shaking his flank when Pipp was singing—

Told ya’


I can’t get THAT one scene out of my head—

Hehehe, oh?


I get they’re appealing to the brony fandom, but hot damn.

“This is how a unicorn shakes their butt~”

No stop—

Okay, okayyyyy


Hm… oh! The ending!

Ah, yes! Big red spoilers coming, look away if you have not been G5 indoctrinated yet, readers.


Alright, so, what did you think of the ending?

Personally, I’m excited to see what comes next!

Yeah! I especially loved how they all gathered together in Maretime Bay, making new friends and helping each other!

Heh. I personally liked when Sunny turned into an Alicorn.

Same here. Kind of reminds me of that power up the Mane 6 did when they defeated Tirek, but way more majestic-less overwhelming and more elegant.

True. Though I will say, I kinda had it spoiled.

Was it still awesome though?

Hell yea!


I also enjoy the “silent” redemption of Sprout. It’s never directly stated that he regrets his actions, but you can tell by the way he pops up alongside his mom in the picture frame scene in silent respect, and how he seems to just want to know if he was a good boy that he likely is at least on the path to being forgiven.




Anyway, I think we can both agree this was an awesome movie. Aside from a few things they probably could have added for continuity, we enjoyed it!



Heh. Do we have any closing statements?


Race you to the bridge!

Oh, you’re on! *Runs off*

*Chases* No using your magic this time!

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An honor to do this with you

Mhm! We should do this more often

You okay…?

Yep. I’m good.

Glad you two enjoyed it

(Motherfucker looked like Stalin, but as a pone).

When watching Sprout's rise to power I was literally seeing him growing a silly moustache, the mobs doing the goose step and doing the no-no salute.

I have problems...

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