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A peek at what's to come... (more info below) · 6:03pm September 26th

So, just to get this out of the way... yes, there's a new Turing Test story coming. It will not be a short story, but it will not be on the scale of The Iron Horse. Also, it will be an alternate universe story, so it won't have any effect on regular Iron Horse canon. I still intend to write something larger in the mainline universe, of course, but I am working on those ideas in between an awful lot of other things, so please bear with me as I impose on your patience.

But this might still be a nice taste of something a little... different...

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Is that Turing Test... ORGANIC?!

This I have got to see

A Turning Test backstory fic but with her as an organic? I'm in.

You'll see. :raritywink:

I look forward to your reaction, then!

"Backstory" might not be the right word... but it'll be something interesting nonetheless.

Hmm...by any chance will this be an AU where Turing either decided not to - or couldn't - leave the dream simulation within the Tree of Harmony?

Ah, that's a good question, and I will directly answer it, if you want.
It's not a dream. There's more than meets the eye, but it's not a dream.

Ooh, intriguing! Looking forward to it!

Ow this looks interesting can’t wait to see what you pull out

Hmm, judging by the picture, I'd say that it's essentially a role-reversal of Iron Horse. Instead of Turing Test being a robot that has to learn about friendship and emotions, she is in a futuristic Equestria (either with robots or regular ponies) and has to teach them about emotions and friendship.

Hm, interesting. :)
I hope that the writing goes well!

Well, if that isn't a familliar (if a little more... live-ly than usual) face!

Hype : true
Anticipation : true
All My Yes : true

Interesting choice of words, funny enough... :scootangel:


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