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  • Today
    Body Possession

    Flutterwings panted heavily as she fled for her life, the tainted version of what was first assumed to be her brother following close behind.

    “Flutterbuuuuuug?” he sang almost tauntingly. “Come out so I can see you~”

    She held her breath as she hid behind a corner.

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  • Wednesday
    When the tardy bell rings:

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  • Wednesday

    “Griff, I don’t get it, why are you acting like this?”

    “Chill out, Flutterbug… just gonna explain everything, ok?”

    “…fine then. Explain everything. I’m waiting.”

    “Just trust me, lil’ sis.” Griff gave an empty smile as tentacles starting to rise from his body.

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  • Tuesday
    Strange Return

    Flutterwings nearly spat out her soda when she glanced through the window of Donut Joe’s shop. Her brother was looking good as new, serving the bistro’s patrons with that same grin plastered on his face.


    How did he…?

    “Flutterwings, hey,” Joe greeted, waving at the nymph. “Here to see your brother?”

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  • Tuesday
    On the topic of Animal Crossing…

    Who’s your favorite character?

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Here’s a random joke: · 4:22pm September 26th

What do you call the overly long process of stitching 50 clocks to a belt?

A waist of time.

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