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  • Saturday
    I’m eating Chinese takeout

    VA don’t miss. Holy fuck.

    The orange chicken is crispy, the food is hot, and they don’t cheap out when it comes to serving sizes. Nor do they skimp out on the sauce. Fuck.

    Now I know the name of the place.

    Look out for Griff, you amazingly talented bitches.

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  • Saturday
    I don’t get the point of scrutinizing someone for how they were raised if it doesn’t put anyone/themselves in any immediate danger.

    My aunt just fussed me out for putting Reese’s in the outside fridge. I was originally concerned because of my cousin, who is allergic to peanuts. So I thought I shouldn’t have put it out there and offered to move it somewhere else.

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  • Saturday
    Sometimes I’m on the fence

    I think sometimes people take being “nice” and “soft-spoken” and mix it up, or misconstrue them for being the same thing.

    Me? I’m just soft-spoken. I don’t like to run my mouth, because when I do, it usually either ends in me getting yelled at or heavily scrutinized. Therefore, I like to be quiet, especially when speaking to someone.

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  • Friday
    Okay so here’s an idea

    Griff (when alive) is an aspiring engineer but has to work at Donut Joe’s because he’s broke and still going to school, regularly participates in fight clubs to get over his overwhelming ennui. At this point he’s been going for almost a year when he meets Tokyo and Tai, (pronounced “Tay”, like one of my brothers), where the first is a narcissistic, determined ass, and the other is a mysterious

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  • Friday
    Teacher Work Day

    I have all day to fuck around.


    Two of my friends know that I spent most of yesterday fucking around on here and doing my Algebra. Which, the fucking around came from me bantering on behalf of my dear friend (maybe) Deep.

    Because I want you all to see how smart I am, I’m gonna link the blog.

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Bruh · 4:09pm September 26th

This shit came out two months ago and no one told me?


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