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I'm back I guess??? (zero spoiler useless high movie review) · 1:56pm September 26th

Do you ever in this weird sort of anxiety like let your fanfiction notifications pile up not the individual ones for like just people are posting tons of blogs and stories and you're just avoiding it anyway the past week or so I've been able to justify it as avoiding spoilers but now that I have seen in My Little Pony movie on about three tabs of acid which just doesn't hit me like three tabs used to so I probably should stop doing acid as much I can stop saying I'm trying to avoid spoilers and just deal with the fact that sometimes I have anxiety about checking fimfiction see how the world has progressed anyway, G5 was pretty good look forward to it be gay do drugs fight hate with love and ponies and s*** I love you all izzy moonbow best pony

I like this quote I just gave someone who was being hard on themselves:

unicorns are just locked in a malaise. The main force keeping them down is sheer apathy.

m8 please don't be so hard on yourself! We're all just humans flailing around trying to make the best of it. Give yourself some grace!

fuck looks like I'll need to go find the quote then I'll post it in the comments l;ove you alkll be gay do crimes fuck the state with love

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Like s***, life is depressing enough without you being hard on yourself. Love yourself encourage yourself and don't give up on yourself

Always glad to see my analysis make an impact. And yes, being comparable to a G5 unicorn is a bad place to be.

By the looks of it, that acid hit harder than you might think, or maybe it was the voice to text? :P

Don't worry, I feel the same way at times. I spend too long not checking, which makes me feel bad about not reading them, so then I put off checking the site even longer, which just compounds the issue.

you looking at three layers of abstractation here. Four really.

weird me
high me
voice to text
whatever Nietzsche and the other philosophers talked about about only knowing each other as well as language will allow but always having some ambiguity as to each other's personal experiences

I'm just f****** happy to see all the happy positive reviews that makes me happy

Don't do drugs, kids.

actually drugs are pretty all right when used wisely in moderation. Help with a lot of spiritual personal metaphysical whatever growth and also can just be really fun sometimes just again obviously don't be a dumbass

Author Interviewer

this explains a few things

I've been avoiding this website for like two weeks at least so I have a lot to catch up on

Welcome back, and good luck.

Izzy is so extra, sparkly, and we must protect her!

Izzy gang!

Big Princess Unikitty Vibes.

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