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    Kaidan's Discord

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Weekend Update 2021-09-25 (Gen 5 hype!) · 3:11am Sep 26th, 2021


I want to finish my older incomplete stories, but I'm wondering if I should update them less often (1-2 times a month) to give room to pace myself, or explore new ideas. It was a bit ambitious to expect to do 3 updates/week every week when I only started writing again 3 weeks ago.

Ponified Without Consent 2

So I kept bumping this update back due to the reasons below, but the chapter's half finished I just need to polish and finish it. So it's been slow and steady.

Last Week Today

So I was a bit ambitious on my update schedule for stories, busy with work, and tired after.

And then I started thinking about big picture stuff. Why are we here? What gives life meaning? Will I look back one day and regret all the things I've never done?

This induced a bit of anxiety over the kind of existential stuff best postponed and ignored until an 18 wheeler runs you off the road, and you're flying through a road barrier and over a cliff... because it sorta killed my productivity. Then again, life has been crushing my productivity successfully for decades. Luckily there's a ray of sunshine on rollerblades with a killer ponytail and a smoothie stand...

Gen 5 Movie!

It was fun, I've had several story ideas too. Sunny was infectiously optimistic, I thought it'd motivate me to write some 50k word epic in like 15 minutes. Instead I watched it a couple times and continued my re-watch of Friendship is Magic.

I think I'm liking Zipp, finally a pony that really speaks to me. They really pull off that sort of "I'm unamused, fine I'll help you, but leave me alone" vibe. They also seem to have this sorrow too, where they don't really fit in and don't have the friendships they desire, because they're not sure how. As a royal she'd have every opportunity to have everything she wants, but the things she needs are all the things money and fame can't buy.

Of course I could be reading too much into Zipp's backstory, because the show didn't have time to cover every pony's personality and backstory as well as Sunny's was.

Upcoming Updates

Some mixture of focusing on my 2 stories I wanted to finish from 2014 (PWC2, TD2), my new Dash of Humanity sequel, and some <5k word Gen 5 Short Stories.

Stay calm and pony on!

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