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MLP G5 movie review · 9:12pm September 25th

Spoilers ahead.

My major critiques are things related to this movie being in the far future of G4 - of course, what happened to Twilight and how did the pony races separate. Not to mention what happened to all the other creatures in Equestria. And the plot involves three MacGuffin Crystals that we don't know where they came from or how they tie into the magic of the three races. Buuut we have the show to fill in those plot details. This movie did NOT rely on G4, which is great. It stands on its own, and aside from visual cues like Sunny's house being decorated with G4 stuff, this movie could be an entirely stand-alone reboot and still work.

And it did work. This was a very enjoyable, fun movie. The new characters are great, they're not copy and pastes of the G4 casts, they're their own ponies and they're likeable. Izzy is hilarious, she's ditzy but she isn't stupid, which is a mistake a lot of franchises make, Pinkie Pie being a prime example. Hitch is great, can see him being shipped with everypony. Everyone else is good.

Movie was a lot of fun, a lot of funny moments, a lot of heart, and it got kinda intense near the end. I'm eager to see how the show will go with this, this is a strong first hoof forward.

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I agree with most of your assessment. I'm just not big on Hitch. Other than that, it's a good start.

5587102 Pip was the character I was least impressed by. It felt like she got the least development out of all the main characters.

I would say Pipp is an ok character

I honestly like how they poke fun of social media influencers

Author Interviewer

I don't really believe this is the future of G4.

I think FiM is, or was, an actual TV show in G5, predicated on a similar history -- pony tribes used to hate each other -- and guided by someone who believed, like Sunny does, that they could all be friends again one day. Probably a last-ditch effort by unity sympathizers before the fearmongering separatists overtook the zeitgeist.

And it would make sense that the show itself probably no longer exists outside of old toys and a vague memory of its message.

That's actually an interesting idea. Aside from all the stuff Sunny's dad made, the only true hints of a connection to G4 are Twilight's six-pointed star, but that could just be a coincidence. It's plausible that G4 is myth and legend and not actual factual history that happened. Could be an effective twist during the show's run to reveal that down the line.

Neat theory, but yeah, I;m curious to see what happens in the show proper

There was also the Wonderbolts poster in the Zephyr Heights station, but quite frankly, I'm happy to ignore that if it means good riddance to bad G4 rubbish.

oh man that poster got me feelin some type of way

It stands on its own, and aside from visual cues like Sunny's house being decorated with G4 stuff, this movie could be an entirely stand-alone reboot and still work.

I agree with this statement.

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