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    I just have one question.

    When are the Grinded Pony Hooves coming out?

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  • Wednesday

    As someone who played Destiny 1.0 like mad for two months in an effort to feel like I had recouped the $60 I spent, I'm feeling rather nostalgic for the time that everyone just defaulted to blaming Activision for all of Destiny's problems.

    Anyone else?

    Because goddamn has Bungie got a fucking hard-on for sunsetting and vaulting paid content.

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  • Tuesday
    Just beat Terminator Resistance.

    Well, when I haven't been writing or working, I've been slowly making my way through Terminator Resistance, after hearing too many good things.

    IGN scored it a 4/10, while Steam users have it currently rated at a 92/100. That's quite the disparity.

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    Guys I made a meme! Hey wait a minute...

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    Full-size version.

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So, let me get this straight. · 12:28am September 25th

We have G5 character tags, but no G5 series tag yet?

Yo, you have crack authors here (which may or may not be on actual crack) ready to get stories out! Snap to it, knighty!

So yeah, just wrapped up the watch party for A New Generation, and I've already got a short story in my head.

Comments ( 10 )

Just finished watching the movie. Iā€™m writing an incest story about Sprout and Phyllis as we speak.

Hell, we haven't even gotten a discussion thread yet. I wrote an entire speech for it, goshdarnit!

This post right here, I PM'd Knighty a few days ago about it, so we'll see what happens šŸ¦„

Technically G5 counts as G4, to be fair.

Then why call it G5??? šŸ˜‚


For the same reason people call My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic toys g 4 despite them technically being g 3 toys, g 3.75 if Iā€™m not mistaken.

Shame I haven't had the chance to watch the movie at all yet. Was it good?

Yes, it was pretty decent.

Nice. I can picture Disgruntled Twilight teleporting to the new ponies and scream, "Yes! I'm freeee!"

I mean it's a direct extension of the G4 mythos.

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