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Just finished watching the G5 movie. · 11:14pm September 24th

And I only have one question:

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I'll tell you now what:


Who said I was going to spoil?

You made a blog about it. Who says you weren’t? Lol

Say that to literally everyone who’s literally reviewing the movie.

I also watch it too as well it was OK

I think this was a pretty interesting movie and I do wonder if they're going to continue on with the 5th generation

*shrugs* dunno, I’ll probably read a fanfic or watch “jarhead” (the movie is great btw)

Well, it wouldn’t be G5 if they weren’t going to continue it. It wouldn’t really be satisfying if they made a single movie and called it a day.

Say that to people who might fudge up even the most vague things. The question “now what” gives me the impression that the ending may have been unfulfilling. Now I’m watching the whole film with low expectations.

It’s not that. I’m anticipating what we’re gonna get after the movie in relations to G5.
Yeah… sure.

Not everyone might get that implication.

Well, I…


Sorry. I’m just pissed. I’m glad you enjoyed the movie though, assuming you did. Haven’t watched it yet though.

The movie is a good start. I doubt that the G5 TV show will last nine years, but let's not jump to conclusions.
If a show as off-kilter as Bojack Horseman can last six seasons, who knows what's in store?

Honestly, it really was a good start.

Now they figure out how to answer the unanswered questions.

Oh, it’s out?

Yep. Just came out today. Go take a watch if you’re interested

I telling you, that animosity and paranoia had Chrysalis and the other those slime appendages all over it.

Deep #28 · 3 weeks ago · · ·

I feel ya. There's no real set up for the show.

Racism seems fixed and magic is back. So now what?

In G4, at least the set up was that Twi is now in Ponyville and must learn friendship lessons. I have zero clue what the G5 show will be about.

My thoughts exactly.

Might wanna put spoiler tags.

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