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Worth it. · 10:55pm September 24th

'Nuff said.

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Comments ( 31 )

Well Iā€™m guessing someone had fun:raritywink:

Agreed. I had fun watching at 5am.

D approved šŸ˜šŸ‘Œ

the opener was a little crazy from what we all knew.

aww, look at best pony being adorable!

Which one, you ask? All of them. They're all great. They're all gonna be best pony to someone.

Is the tennis ball a thing the entire movie?

No, but it's a funny gag.

Was sompony trying to cut off her magic?

I'm not going to lie this movie has serious old school Pixar feels to it. And that intro was magic!

Just watched it and loved it so much now I want the lore behind it why the hate happened

frnfrkjgkbjgbjoergnjogjkjbgkjbgkjer IZZY

Glad to hear it's worth it. It's always looked absolutely ADORKABLE from the promos. The brony half and I will be checking it out tonight.


Also, everybrony should ship SunnyMoon. That is all.

You should just watch it and see for yourself.

I went in completely unspoiled (that was so hard to do!), and I absolutely, thoroughly, without question, loved the heck out of it. I loved it. I loved it. It gives me so much hope for the new series. Bring it on, I loved it.

Was I the only one who thought it was a little too aimed at kids and the musical scenes were a bit much? (I went in prepared for the worst and gave a sigh of relief in the first 4 minutes.

It's certainly going to be interesting seeing what people come up with for this fanfiction wise.

The music felt phoned in and too post-produced (the actual singing in it was great besides), but the rest of the movie was an absolute blast. I heard on an interview they have a series lined up. Looking forward to it!

I liked it way more than last gen's major movie. The main antagonist being a massive child was a bit cringe but fantasy often mirrors reality, and I thought the whole thing came together nicely.

also am I forgetting something or is sunny homeless now? :twilightoops:

There's definitely stuff to talk about, that's for sure. Three unnamed characters have my attention rather piqued at the moment for possible continuity building.

Lots. Of glitter.ā¤ļø

Does this mean a new ponyfic renaissance?

Sweetie Chronicles...?

as I commented somewhere else, its a lazy comparison but definitely see the resemblance to Trump

You could pick him or any other cult of personality authoritarian. The momma's boy trope I rolled my eyes at but it is a children's movie after all and it's there for a bit of levity, and possibly so he doesn't resemble a real authoritarian/dictator/person as much.

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