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If I could make a video game perk, it would be Suicidal Tendencies

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  • Today
    *Cries in adopted*


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  • Thursday
    So, Warzone added a Halloween event

    Ghostface is the announcer, and when you get killed, you become a ghost.


    There’s also a Ghostface bundle I’m tempted to purchase

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  • Tuesday
    Harlem Hellfighters🎵

    *A whistle blows, and men yell as gunfire and explosions begin happening*

    *The instrumental is kicked off by two drums, followed by the guitars*


    Tonight we die!


    They were sent far from home
    To a land so unknown
    Sent there with one purpose in mind
    African Americans, prepare themselves 

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  • Sunday
    It seems like every major horror name is getting rebooted

    Halloween, Saw, Child’s Play, Candy Man, and now Scream

    All we need now is Texas Chainsaw, and Friday the 13th

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  • Sunday
    *Dies of excitement*

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Undead Nightmare: Ponyville 5-10 · 8:09pm September 24th

Wave 5

Hero and Zen ran down the halls of the school, giant flaming dogs chasing them.

“Fuck! Hellhounds!” Hero yelled. They kept running, opening doors as best they could. However, their points were dwindling. 

They turned the corner, before noticing a box. 

“What the hell?” Zenex said.

Hero ran towards the box, opening it and knocking his points down to 000. A gun rose out of the box, before rapidly turning into several. A roulette of such. It soon landed on a lever-action rifle. Hero grabbed the gun, throwing away his pistol. He fired the rifle, taking down several of the Hellhounds. Zenex spun the box as well, getting an MP-40. He picked it up and began firing as well.

Wave 6

They killed the last hound, watching as a golden ammo box spun around, emitting a green aura. They quickly reloaded their guns and picked it up.

“Max Ammo.”

Hero chuckled. “Sweet.”

They continued moving, killing as they went. Soon, they found Sparkle’s office. However, the door was 7000 points.


“Must be an important door,” Hero commented.

“Yep… let’s go.”

They continued their walk, looking around. They didn’t find anything of interest, other than the undead creatures.

Wave 7

The two walked through the hallways, looking around.

“Hm… ooh! Perk machine!” Zenex ran towards the machine. This machine was green, and displayed three pistols.

“Mule Kick. Let’s you hold a third weapon.” Hero walked over. “3000 points though…”

“I can’t buy it though!” Zenex whined, trying to spend his points.

“We need to turn on the power. Let’s spend the next round racking up points and trying to find the power switch.”

Wave 8

And so, they did.

Wave 9

By now, they’d racked up several points. Still wasn’t enough for the door to Twilight’s office though.

Zen: 6520
Hero: 5390

Zen sighed, before noticing the gym. The door was 1000 points. “Hm… 1000 points… should I?”

“If you want. We still need to turn on power.” Hero said. “Maybe it’s in there?”

Zenex nodded and opened the door. Inside, there were several undead creatures, who immediately charged. The two made quick work of them.

Wave 10

“Ah shit. Dog round,” Hero said.

Zenex began looking around, before noticing the power switch. He ran over, flipping it. The lights came on, and they led to something else. There, a blue box sat, glowing as the power came on.

“Holy shit…” Hero stepped over. The top of the box read, Pack-A-Punch.

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