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    Beneath a blackened sky, the pale milky moon cast a pallid glow across lands steeped in shadow.  A sea of muted grey from mountains thrust high, to plains fertile and fallow.

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So much to write.. · 11:30pm Dec 6th, 2012

So little free time to actually do it.

The backlog of things to put to paper is starting to make me physically ill.

Sorry for the delay.

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No worries mate. Take your time.

Take your time!!

^^^ those

Thanks guys. This is about the only meaningful social interaction I have these days. (Wife addicted to tumblr, and kids are going to drive me to an early aneurysm.)

On the bright side, I've filled out a lot of Equestrian backstory, going as far as explaining the origins of cutie marks, Celestia/Luna, the Elements, why the CMC won't get their cutie marks, and how they tie together in a philosophically meaningful way.

I'm tempted to write a separate side story, whereby Celly/Luna are in the middle of a field, overlooking a sacked Earth Pony town, being given a bubble bath by none other than the lord of chaos himself. Fillies as they are, they ask rather innocent questions that are hard to explain.

"Why do ponies fight?"

Oh, I completely understand how that feels. I've been working on the rewrite of my fic's first five chapters for, what, six months now? :twilightblush: It's not for lack of ambition or motivation (indeed, I think about it literally every day), but for lack of either free time or a quiet place to write. The fact that almost all my free time is spent looking for a permanent job means I have no time to vomit this adventure in my head onto a Google doc. :raritydespair:

I'll continue to wait for your updates. I, for one, have no right whatsoever to complain about delays.

If you're :pinkiesick: physically ill because of it, then stop. Take a break, have a Kit-Kat and all that, then come back when you feel better :pinkiesmile:
Your well-being equals the quality of your stories, so it'd be best if BOTH were in tip top shape :rainbowdetermined2:


It's not so much the pressure of writing - it's never having the time to do so.

Case in point. Drove my wife out shopping after I got home from work yesterday. I got "home" around 11:30. This happens about 2-3 times a week.

(she doesn't drive. A chauffeur is me.)


Thinking about my story every day (or every other day at the very least) has given me enough material to beat JK Rowling's word count. It all starts with a simple idea about some guy meeting a big glowing unicorn with wings, and the next thing you know, you're writing a millennium long backstory that encompasses creation mythos, civil wars, time dilation physics, and some rather profoundly terrifying imagery.

The best thing about having time to think though, is stumbling upon unintentional callbacks. (Checkov's landmines)

He straightened out, posing with the martial concentration of a wizard preparing to summon the elemental forces of nature, arms outstretched as if commanding the heavens to rain fire upon an encroaching army that bore their weight upon the trodden land as far as the horizons.

“And the Lord spoke... LET THERE BE LIGHT!” His voice thundered throughout the empty cavern.

It gives me such a happy feeling when two characters inadvertently do the exact same thing at different times/places. Trent/Celestia in this case.

(Except she's not joking about it.)

Hang in there with the job hunt btw. I know I was scrambling for almost 3 months back in 2011. Let me know if you have any Enterprise IT style resume's laying around there.

Btw, did you see this by chance? Ended up making a random 4000 word story excerpt in a rare free afternoon. Love to know what you think about it.


As long as you don't go disappearing on us, take your time ^^

My sentiment still stands. You shouldn't force it all on the little time you have, lest it come out :pinkiesick: crappy in the off-chance. But I know that won't happen; we, your entire audience, have confidence in your your writing and creative abilities :moustache:


:pinkiesad2: Thanks guys

Oh, I'm kind of late but I'm gonna put my oar in anyway.
Take your time dude. Just don't stop. Please.
There is no hurry. You have years to write it, we have years to read it.

Wrote about 1k words last night actually. Will be posting a short excerpt from the upcoming chapter soon-ish.

edit.. 2k words? how'd that happen


Thanks for the encouragement. :pinkiehappy:
I will say that I've making some progress lately.

Any thoughts on this by chance?

622514 I loved it, very interesting.

They are leaving the ship already? I found myself strangely satisfied with those last few chapters (and the preview). Even despite they seem to have slowed down the action. That means they were very properly written.


"I feel that I am very far from home. But what I do not know yet, is whether my home is the one I left, or the one I will someday reach."

Fluttershy is going to be very far from home.

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