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My Little Pony: A New Generation (Spoiler-Free) Review · 3:59pm Sep 24th, 2021

Her sparkle is just so bright right now!!!

GOOD MORNING, FIMFICTION FANATICS!!! This is the Dramamaster829; Critic, Actor, Writer, Motivational Speaker, and Occasional Singer, keeping you up to date with the latest news for the Generation 5 Movie and beyond! Today's the big day, fillies and gentlecolts (As well as to my followers who've been with me from the start), after the biggest hiatus since 'Friendship is Magic' Season 3, 'My Little Pony: A New Generation' has JUST been released to Netflix as of early this morning and everyone around the world can finally see what this new brand of ponies have in store!

Technically 'sir', the movie received early releases in Hong Kong, South Korea, and Russia, so most of the fans already saw the movie...

*Clears throat* Pardon me... with the release of the new movie faithful viewers, we are given a fresh wave of a brand new cast to get to know... movie form-wise, considering we've yet to know if this movie is getting an 'episode' run just yet. It's been a long road getting to this point (And more blogs than I've ever put together in my life) but after countless teaser discussions, in-depth study of all the screenshots, and everything else in between, all the months spent waiting for this movie has finally come to an end. As of today, I, 'Dramamaster829' (Whose real name I only give away to the people I most trust), am ready to embark you readers on a journey as we kick off Generation 5 with the movie that tons of fans are sure to talk about (Even the fans who'd much prefer to see 'Dear Evan Hansen' only because it will 'actually' be in a theater).

Released on September 24, 2021, we begin Generation 5 with the movie simply titled:

My Little Pony: A New Generation

Now because this movie just came out for the American release on Netflix, this is going to be my Spoiler-Free review so I won't be giving too much away just yet (I give it two weeks notice). For now, let's go on with the review.

The Story

Mmm... Mint Chocolate Chip!

Upon my first viewing of the movie early this morning, it took me a while to process everything happening at once (As far as all the events and hilarity happening in between). The movie itself takes place approximately many years after the events of 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic', so for those worried about dropping G4 content for G5 there is 'plenty' of references to go around (And probably won't be the last either). But for reasons not entirely explained, Twilight Sparkle's teachings on both friendship and harmony have suddenly been replaced with paranoia and mistrust, thus separating the three pony clans (Earth ponies, Pegasi, and Unicorn) from one another. At this point, this is where the plot of the story gets slightly vague as far as the circumstances of the story itself.

Oh crap, here we go...

While the movie pushes heavily on the fact that ponies suddenly hate each other, with the exception of members of their own kind (Which in a way reminds me of all the cliques in every stereotypical high school movie). And yet I feel the movie never really answered the big question: Why do the ponies suddenly mistrust each other? What cataclysmic event propelled ponies to suddenly divide themselves, as if suggesting it was one another's fault for what happened. Did Spike suddenly have enough of being invisible to the public eye that he ignited a war against all ponies? Did Discord suddenly grow bored of playing nice and decided to reign in some chaos for sheer amusement? Did a terrible plague suddenly sweep the land, dwindling the numbers by 'half' the population, and all because ponies refused to take the vaccine?

You're making things way too real now, Dramamaster.

*Pause* Anyways... our story takes us to the tiny town of Maretime Bay, comprised entirely of 'Earth' ponies, where Argyle Starshine tells stories of Twilight Sparkle and her friends to his young daughter, Sunny Starscout, who inherits his dream of reuniting the three pony kinds.

You know if we put 'Hoof and Heart' on a T-shirt with these group of ponies in the center, it would make for a KILLER t-shirt.

The plot itself really kicks off when a now grown-up Sunny meets a lost unicorn, Izzy Moonbow, who wanders into Maretime Bay (For reasons confirmed 'later' in the movie) and sending all the town residents in panic, believing Izzy is a hostile invader.

Ooh wow, watch out for 'Izzy'. She's going to entrap us all with her unicorn charms... note my sarcasm!

Finally given an opportunity to make friends with a unicorn and shortly after sheltering Izzy in her own home (And breaking several by-laws), Izzy reveals her unicorns no longer have magical powers following their sudden disappearance... many moons ago... which we're only learning just now.

Yeah... because that totally makes sense.

Together, these two friends embark on a breathtaking adventure, that will take them across the 'new' Equestria to restore magic throughout the land while discovering some startling secrets that connects them all to this chilling ordeal. *Pause* Tell me if this whole summary along sounds 'familiar' to you, every pony?

All joking aside, this was a really cool movie and you should totally watch it if you haven't.

A divided landscape... a bright-eyed hero who believes everyone should be friends and determined to prove it... yeah we can definitely feel the similarities in comparison to these two movies. Of course, while 'Raya' was essentially action oriented and took slightly more darker turns in comparison, the events we see in MLP's new movie are more light-hearted, comedic driven, colorful, and in a way it mostly downplays on the themes... 'mostly'. That being said, it's a common theme with movies given recent catastrophic events which otherwise everyone can relate to at this point. A life-threatening circumstance keeping us from being together, divided countries at war, the politics... a lot of politics... and not to mention paranoia when folks don't comply to certain terms. In lament's term... our world is a mess whether we agree with that statement or not...


Ookay... it's not 'that' terrible...

As far as the overall plot itself, I'm not saying it's 'bad' per say. If anything, I don't actually even dislike it. Sure, there are some plot aspects I felt could've been improved yet I acknowledge the fact the film's message of unity and the need for a new generation to band together against misinformation and the rabble rousing is 'really' trying tor each out to audiences undergoing all this stress. Because let's face it: We're all facing some very trying times in our life, whether it effects us on a personal level or our family's or just humanity as a whole. Hell, some of my most talented friends I've come to know have sudden lost that spark that makes them happy and productive for reasons I don't entirely know but that's only for my ears to hear when needed. Essentially, the plot for this movie is still vague on details, it raises more questions than answers, some things could've been explained better, and at times I feel like they were 'really' trying to squeeze so much in 90 minutes.

So to make a long story short...

Dozed off after the first paragraph...

*Frowns* The film acknowledges the fact the story for 'Generation 5' is a work-in-process. As a first impression for fans young and old, and based mostly on first time viewing, there is much room for improvement as far as further constructing the lore of the new world of Equestria. While some things remain the same, there are some key differences that utterly stand out (But I'll point that out when we get to the next portion of the review).

The Characters:

Now because the movie only 'just' came out, naturally like any 'firsts' in a franchise it's about a casual introduction to the characters or at least having an idea of their personalities. So rather than separating the 'Pro' characters from the 'Con' like my previous reviews, instead we will be weighing 'both' with each of the cast based on what I've seen the moment the film hit Netflix. And of course, we must begin with the group of characters established as the 'Mane 5' of 'New Equestria' (As opposed to the 'Mane Six' or 'Guardians of Harmony' as they are called):

Mane Leads

Feast your eyes every pony, we're in the presence of the Brony community.

Beginning with the 'Mane' focus group, we begin with Sunny Starscout voiced by Vanessa Hudgens...

Gonna be, gonna be, gonna be my day (BE MY DAY!!!)

*Pause* What I love the song!

*Clears throat* Essentially Sunny is the adventurous Earth pony, who enjoys roller skating and wants all ponykind to get along. So in a way, she's basically the 'Twilight Sparkle' of the group... if she were more socially proactive...

What's that supposed to mean?

MOVING ON!!! Now the traits that Sunny portrays throughout the movie are nothing like the 'mane' leads we've seen in the past. Curious, adventurous, idealistic, a pony who stands for what she believes in with all the dreams and ambitions of restoring magic and harmony. Sunny does have an engaging personality that will have fans rooting for her and feeling bad for her when things don't go her way. Granted at times, she can come off as slightly mischievous in terms of starting trouble but at the very least she does show care and responsibility for her friends. And we do get the chance to see her grow in her efforts to bring back the Equestria Twilight worked hard for, in some cases literally... but I won't give that away.

Course that is nothing compared to the pony everyone's been deeming the fan favorite of the group:


We have Izzy Moonbow, performed by Kimiko Glenn, an energetic and curious unicorn who loves crafting. So essentially, it's like if Pinkie Pie and Rarity got together and had a baby.

Wow Rarity, and you say my jokes are a little off the wall...

What I find most fascinating about Izzy is her wonderment in just about everything. And her love for arts and crafts introduce audiences to the idea of 'unicycling'...


The movie defines 'unicycling' as Izzy taking recycled materials to create new art. So in a way, that's basically that guy from the 'Iron Giant' who turns junk into art...

I have a name you know?

With Izzy, every time she appears on screen it is utterly hilarious. She's like that one member of the cast who steals every scene and we can't just help but chuckle along with her antics. Though, at the same time, when she does feel sad over some things we can essentially feel her pain. Especially when it turns out she never had any friends to share her art with...

I mean seriously what heartless jerk would pass 'this' up?

Oh and in case that voice sounds familiar to everyone, especially with her singing, it's because the most I recall of Kimiko Glenn was yet another Netflix product I saw and 'actually' found myself enjoying:

Think a combination of 'She-Ra' and 'Adventure Time' and that's pretty much 'Centaurworld' in a nutshell.

Our third member of the cast is essentially the only 'male' of this band of friends, and that is none other than Hitch Trailblazer...

No one's slick as Sheriff Hitch, no one's quick as Sheriff Hitch...

Performed by the charming James Marsden, or 'Donut Lord' as most refer to him, he's the kind, hard-working sheriff of Maretime Bay and close friend of Sunny since foalhood. A pony dedicated to helping everyone and always remembers to follow the rules. So yeah, he's as by-the-book as Twilight Sparkle...

I swear he's doing this on purpose...

It should also be noted he has that nurturing side to him, especially toward cute animals and critters of Equestria who for some reason follow him around.

I'm so calling the idea he's the descendant of Fluttershy.

For me, I wouldn't say he's one of my favorite characters of the group. Essentially it's like working with Spike, just trying to get used to him as he gets better after the first season. But that being said, while he comes off as a stickler for rules most of the time, as the movie proceeds we do see that more caring side to Hitch coming around. And some moments involving him will get a chuckle or two, like the way he's into music or again the scenes with the critters and 'even' that one dance sequence that occurs during the jewel heist. So I'd say he's a pretty okay guy for the most part, yet I feel there is always room for further growth. On the other hand, I've not only seen tons of shipping between him and Sunny... but 'possibly' one of the other ponies he's had some banters with. Which we'll get to later, but first we must go over the 'diva' of the Five, Pipp Petals...

#NewGeneration is soaring high in views!

Brought to life by singer and actress, Sofia Carson, she's a Pegasus princess from Zephyr Heights, who is also a talented pop icon with the yearn to entertain other ponies with her music. Basically when I first got to know this pony, for me she's like if Rarity's more snobbish side were introduced nearly 'immediately' upon first meeting. Confident, stylish, glamorous... yeah the resemblance is uncanny. In a way, she's pretty much the symbol of folks who are obsessed with social media, always carrying a phone around, and comes off as that 'I'm Better Than You, and You Know It' kind of pony when not on stage...

The fact you're trying to steal that from me is just sad...

But as the movie itself progresses, we do get to see a slight change of heart with this pony as she grows more open to the idea of working with ponies who aren't Pegasi. Sure essentially, she seems mostly into the adventure to win her fanbase back following an... *Clears throat* Unmentioned incident due to spoilers... but we do see that she is in fact a sweet pony once everyone gets to know her. On top of it all, her song 'Glowin' Up' is a fun number (A song which you can see and listen to in one of my previous blog discussions). That being said, many fans are concerned she may be a 'one-note' character so focused on social media and stuff. But perhaps give it time, we can only hope there's a means of remedying that.

But she's not the only princess of the cast, as we are also introduced to her older sister... Zipp Storm!

So 'these' are Bronies... well this day got a whole lot more interesting.

Portrayed by YouTube star Liza Koshy, Zipp is the elder sister of Pipp, also the rebellious princess of Zephyr Heights who prefers athletics and science as opposed to concerns over being 'Heir to the Throne'. As far as athletics go, we do see her initiate a bit of parkour during a few scenes of the movie and we did see her shoot some hoops during one of the film's songs... but I wouldn't say basketball is her best sport...

Like 'you' are any better at basketball?

SHUT UP!!! *Clears throat* What I do appreciate the most about this Pegasus is a more traditional intellectual side to her personality especially how she deploys scientific means for flight as seen during the movie. So in a way, it's basically if Rainbow Dash would engage her own egghead so this way she'd have more respect for her more 'smarter' friends.

I'm not amused...

While we do see her moments of attitude during this movie, not to mention some tension with her sister (Given their opposite personalities), she offers some 'small' moments of the story that makes her an essential part to the movie. Especially revealing a plot device concerning the circumstance of the nature of Equestria and additionally jumping into action when the need comes for it. What I would like to see is more of her reluctance of being heir to the throne, but we do see she has 'some' ability of being a leader at times. Like Hitch, this is a character whom I believe could stand for further growth should the series progress. But that's a long ways from now.

The Side Characters

Of course no movie would be complete without the side characters as part of the main group, and we begin with Phyllis Cloverleaf...

To be scared is to be prepared...

Portrayed by actress Elizabeth Perkins, this pink Earth pony owns Canterlogic, a company in Maretime Bay specializing in products to keep her fellow Earth ponies 'safe and stylish'. Like most of the town, she believes unicorns and pegasi are evil and a menace. Essentially, she's like one of 'two' major villains who are the focus of the movie (One of which is closely connected to her as revealed in the movie). Though when I look at her, she almost reminds me of an older version of Luster Dawn based on the hair and coat color...

That's totally how I wouldn't end up, right?... Right?!?!?!

Right off the bat, we see that she and Sunny don't see eye-to-eye (Especially due to the teachings of her father, whom we'll know soon). And while initially I assumed this character was focusing mostly on 'money' despite how her products may not work as effectively, we do see later on another side to her character as the film progresses... but again, it gives away some details. Of course, while I'm not a huge fan of snobby characters... that is nothing compared to Queen Haven herself...

But to her credit, she knows how to make an entrance...

Essentially, this was the character I assumed would be the 'mane' villain of the movie. Portrayed by Jane Krakowski, Haven is both the mother of Pipp & Zipp as well as ruler of Zephyr Heights. Personality wise... she's pretty straight forward. A high class Pegasus pony living the fantasy surrounding herself and her sisters, always ready to strike a pose, and wants to see her daughters shine (Mostly Pipp). I don't want to say her character is terrible or anything, I just don't feel there was really much to work with her. She does have a 'few' ha-ha moments in some scenes, but to me she's like that 'one' character who knows she is spewing bullshit but doesn't want every pony else to know (And boy... things happen later on). Sadly, she's not the antagonist I thought she would turn out to be and instead it ends up passing along to... Sprout Cloverleaf...

Ooh great... 'target practice'.

Portrayed by comedic actor, Ken Jeong, this red Earth pony stallion serves as both deputy sheriff of Maretime Bay and second-in-command to Hitch... oh, turns out that Phyllis is Sprout's mother...

IT'S NOT THAT BIG A REVEAL... although I admit I was surprised too. As far as being the main antagonist, he's what I essentially call... the 'comedic' villain. Lazy, entitled, arrogant, opportunistic... but mostly 'stupid'. He's like that one guy in politics who 'clearly' has no idea what he's actually doing, but tries to work off the fears of the public and use that to his advantage... now where have I seen that before?

I don't give a shit if this country goes to hell, so long as I still have MONEY!!!

What? You thought I'd mention the other guy?

*Clears throat* I won't say I'm a big Ken Jeong fan, but I will admit he can be pretty funny. Yet right off the bat, it was pretty easy to predict he's going to be the foil to both Sunny and also Hitch. For me this character is pretty much like 'LeFou' if he ended up as the town hero after Gaston's passing. The 'mama's boy' kind of character for shorter words. He does get his own song during the movie itself, more than enough to inspire every pony into an angry mob, but let's face it it's no 'Kill the Beast' song...

Take whatever booty you can find. But remember... Sunny Starscout is MINE!!!

Our second-to-last side character of the gang is, the totally not Gen 3 character, Alphabittle...

Gotta get back! Back to the past...

Voiced by voice acting star Phil Lamarr, he's a very competitive unicorn, very sure of himself, and exceptionally skilled at games (As seen in one of the clips I went over). A pony who values collecting trinkets and artifacts, many of which he wins through bets. So basically Biff Tannen, if not slightly more obnoxious...

Who are you talking about, butt-head?

Honestly, the character is not so much on screen very long and we barely know the fact that he's well aware of Izzy being her personality also stands out amongst their drawl society. For me this is a character who's mane focus is being an obstacle in Sunny's quest to restore Equestria so... let's just skip to Argyle!

Pretty much the oldest Brony in all Equestria... least in terms of symbolism.

While not much is known about Argyle, other than being voiced my Michael McKean, he is generally a good-hearted Earth pony who spent years studying the history of Twilight Sparkle and her friends, believing that all ponies should be friends again. So basically... you could say he's also like Milo Thatch if he were a pony.

You've all heard the legends of Twilight Sparkle. Pure fantasy? Well, that is where you'd be wrong...

The accuracies between the two are so uncanny I swear... anyways for me, if this were like every Disney movie known to man, Argyle is basically the mentor and parental figure who encourages Sunny to remain true to her beliefs during the opening scenes... and then just suddenly disappears. The movie never explains what happened to Argyle after his scenes nor really goes into depths over 'why' he's so caught in his research of 'Ancient' Equestria. But to add credit, he is essentially a very supportive father, the kind who actually plays along with his kids and engaging with their hobbies. Then again, I would understand why they didn't dive into Argyle more, as prior to the movie Vanessa Hudgens underwent a tragic loss of her own father... but we won't go 'too' deeply into that.

Oh, and speaking of Twilight Sparkle & her friends... despite Tara Strong (The voice of Twilight) stating she won't be reprising her role for the fifth in carnation last year, there is a special scene that features the 'Guardians of Harmony' themselves during the film's prologue... but you'd have to see it for yourself. All I have to say about it: Nostalgia trip.

And as far as what's up with the absence of the other species (Especially Spike, who's not even featured or mentioned at all)... let's just hope the series has an explanation for it.

The Music

If there's a single word made to describe the soundtrack of the movie itself, essential seven songs in total, it is... 'variety'.

Not THAT 'Variety'!!!

Anyways... while I've already gone through 'most' of the songs in my previous blogs, it's clear from the get-go that the show's songwriters, Alan Schmuckler and Michael Mahler (One of whom 'actually' sang his own song), aimed for an 'eclectic range of genres' with their songs. Something so 'unpredictable' of defying audience expectations. And I will say, not only do I find most of these songs memorable (And fun to listen to on repeat), but for me these are songs that are just screaming for fan covers from popular YouTube stars of today. Each song not only helps to move the plot around, but in a way it tells a story centered on the ponies in question and in some ways explore their own desires. From Sunny's 'Gonna Be My Day' which is essentially the 'I Want' song, 'I'm Looking Out for You' a duet between Sunny & Izzy (TOTALLY NOT ROMANTIC IN ANY WAY!), and even 'Glowin' Up' which is essentially Pipp's anthem number to her subjects. The only song that's not really performed by the cast during the movie, well two actually, are 'It's Alright' which occurs during Sunny's dance fight with Argyle and 'Together' which is heard during the 'credits' of the feature. To me, I would encourage purchasing the album when they are released in some format and encourage you to know you'll have fun hearing these numbers.

The Animation

In contrast to previous 'My Little Pony' media, the entirety of the film is computer-animated and brought to life by Hasbro-owned Irish animation studio 'Boulder Media', whom have animated for several cartoon shows prior to the feature. While I will admit I was skeptical about the use of this animation and by no means is it 'Pixar' quality per say, I have to give credit to the fact that only a total of 48 animators were able to work on this film 'remotely' due to the circumstance of the pandemic. Upon a glance, the backgrounds, landscapes, and even the characters themselves are beautiful animated and clearly inspired by several 'MLP' series in terms of anthropomorphic designs. Some fans may point out some questionable animation tactics, like the fact the entirety of ponies only have 'one' cutie mark on 'one' flank as opposed to two.

Why don't YOU see how expensive the animation is!!!

Apart from a few nitpicks, even if I don't think this movie will win the 'Best Animated Feature' (Or lucky to be nominated), I can see this movie getting nominated in terms of 'Graphic Design' and 'Animation' because it is such a colorful display before audiences that they'll feel drawn to the world and its inhabitants.

And now for my 'final' thoughts on the movie...

Predicted audience reaction after the first viewing...

Overall, 'A New Generation' is truly a franchise re-shoe offering a galloping good time... with a blend of politics in between. While we often argue over how every MLP product is essentially about the 'merchandise', fans can appreciate how this equine adventure addresses its themes while tweaking the formula of its characters and its lore. While I would necessarily by bias and call it a hit, if not 'critically' given its a Netflix product, from an audience perspective I can tell fans will adopt these characters as welcome editions to the MLP family. Fans who are lucky to see this movie on Netflix or live in a country with a theatrical release will indeed be greeted to a lively, spirited drive centered on friendship, empowerment, and magic. While the plot does raise 'more' questions rather than offering answers, the switch from traditional animation to digital comes off as 'creepy' (Not 'all' the time at least), and its themes are easily comparable to 'previous' films in the past, it's a heartfelt movie that still teaches the morals of unity and the warnings of letting fear and accusation be the driving element of life. While it may not come off as the 'best' movie based on a critical perspective, audiences young and old will have loads of fun seeing this movie giving older bronies some clever shout outs while introducing the younger audience to a brand new landscape. Hopefully when a series does follow, we can see some significant improvements with Gen 5 moving forward.

With this in mind, I give this movie a 'passing' grade of:

8 out of 10

Oh, and before we end our blog... I have a special announcement to make to all our faithful viewers.

As we all know, I've been on this site for at least three years running and when I'm not commenting on certain subjects I usually end up just as an editor or a spectator in terms of FimFic related material. But after seeing this movie, I got around to thinking of what I'd actually like to do for myself for once. Henceforth, inspired by the endeavors of some of my friends, I've decided to put together my 'own' rendition of the newly released animated feature with a few plot elements of my own (And before you asked, I have some editors in mind to help me out). It probably won't be released for some time, as I might need a few additional watch-throughs and hope for a transcript to be released. But I definitely have ideas on what I'm going for. More update on my first crossover project for my channel will be revealed in the span of either a few days or few weeks.

But the bigger question remains: What do YOU think? Be sure to leave a comment below at your earliest convenience.

Until then faithful readers, this is the Dramamaster829... signing off!

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Note to self: come back and read this when I've watched the movie

When you get a chance after school, you are going to love this movie.

Whilst the movie held great promise and shows how the bonds of friendship can still live on in all of us, it kinda doesn't feel the same. Just my opinion.

Emphasis on that note if you please? I feel you have more to say.

I hope so. Save me some discussion!

Oh sure, I can make myself available for discussion if you need to share your thoughts.

Nice review

Was a good solid start if you ask me. I’m eager to see this get expanded on.

There’s still the mystery of how things went sideways for Equestria now that the days of Twilight and her friends have come and gone…

Now if I’m being honest, I’m not sure I like Sunny becoming an Alicorn at the end, felt too quick.

Thank you very much. Been working on this all morning. Got it posted just before lunch.

Good and solid are definitely the best words I'd use. I heard rumors of a follow up series later, but who knows when that'll be?

I do admit the movie does raise more questions. The biggest one definitely being: How the fuck did everything go sideways after everything Twilight and her friends did for Equestria? And I made a lot of theories about it in my review.

As for that other matter... I'll go into that for my 'spoiler' review in two weeks.

But all and all, it was good. For one pony never gave up hope, she fulfilled the wish and became an Alicorn no less. But what happened to Twilight and Spike. Could they not have stopped this from happening? Whilst it was great seeing them again for just a moment, the mane 6 and spike were always the best of every creature, but if twilight were still around, they would be proud that their legacies endured.

WHOA, WHOA, WHOA!!! TMI... no spoilers... I was going to save that for my 'spoiler' review.

Anyways... as far as what happened to Twilight and her friends, especially Spike, we 'never' did find out what happened to them. I mean that brief appearance and all was just fine, but then Twilight Sparkle was already ascended to full Celestia-Alicorn status and thus the subject of whether Alicorns could live longer than the other pony races has been the air. But if she actually just 'left' one day for unexplainable reasons, that would throw 'everything' we assumed about Alicorns out the window.

Maybe when the series comes out, there'll come a season where the cast focuses on solving the mystery about their disappearance. Maybe realize that what caused the divide amongst the races to begin with was more stunning than the movie initially made it out to be. For all we know, the ponies of that present period had completely forgotten WHY they hated each other in the first place. Like a feud that just keeps going on and on, but not being able to agree on who started it first.

True, I'm sure they'll tell us when the time is right.

Absolutely. After all, they did say a series will follow after the movie. They weren't specific as far as 'when' it's coming out. But it should give us something to look forward to. They already have YouTube specials for the next two years.

It is possible that the follow-up series may explore further into the history of how three clans started hating each other.

It's possible... if not 'probable'. I mean after all, while I did have fun watching the movie I felt there were certain questions that were left unanswered and frankly they were pretty vague about the divide. Seemed more like rumors started going around about ponies and next thing I know it's like 'Sillyville' where the inhabitants didn't want anything to do with one another due to wearing a certain color (And yes, I actually saw that video).

If they wanted to reserve the really bigger questions, like the source behind the divide for the series, I can understand why they'd want to wait. I mean after all, it took a while for some shows to answer some of the biggest questions before their own series got around to examining them. Might not happen at the start of the show, but I'd say with a later season or two.

I just saw the movie, and I loved it. 9 out of 10 for me. I sure I'll be seeing it again very soon.

I'm excited with your new story ideas, can't wait for that, watched the movie and I gave it a 9 out of 10, so many questions but im pretty sure things will be explained in the series, wonderful review, stay cool and classy Drama XD

I probably would've given the movie a higher score than what I gave it. But there were certain notes with the feature and I felt for those reasons the least I could offer was a slightly passing grade. And believe me, a 'B' qualifies as passing.

They're going to take a bit of time for me to work with. But I have something special.

true honestly this feels like an first episode to a beginning to a g4 2parter . I remember most of the mlp g4 season premieres and finales had a 90 min runtime only difference is a new generation doesn't have commercials, and now that I think about it, a new generation is a Netflix original so we may never see a gak commercial ever again, or any advertisement for that matter. From what I heard this generation almost never got off the ground almost every production company refused to air it, Netflix i heard was their last shot. not to mention the original idea for g5 from rumors and leaks that it was supposed to be a reboot of g4, even a few designs of it were leaked while twi rumored to be an earth pony left some crying foul i did like the idea that the series revolved around a world tree like in thor . the thought was that the tree led to different realms; and the inside of this world tree the trunk was equestria a central hub if you will .And this i guess how twilight meets her friends by accessing different branches. like one branch could go to the unicorns another to pegasi and so forth meanwhile twilight and her friends go back and forth through them while being classmates in the hub world learning the magic of friendship solving friendship problems . While instead of a two part baddie , there is one or more causing problems during certain episodes during the season. From what i remember , it was like friendship is magic with winx club plot elements ya know if you watched winx club season one where the winx went to go to magic school? Sadly due to said leaks fans responded negatively and wasnt willing to give it a chance, so it was scrapped. so if it wasnt leaked we would be in the shows 2nd season by now covid not withstanding

That's... a 'very' interesting little thing you got there.

But maybe you should 'summarize' it a bit next time. Kind of dragged a bit in the middle.

My Turn!

& Don't worry, I'll keep mine Spoiler-Free as well. (Which BTW was tougher than I thought, especially when spoilers just randomly appear right in front of ones fucking face!)

(inhale) (exhale)




Like It:pinkiehappy:!

I really liked the characters, the story was good, the animation & character design (Squee), the songs (even though to me they were half & half, some I liked, & some were meh, but I'll give them another listen too for sure) were really good.

So overall I really enjoyed it, from the beginning, to the middle, & even the end definitely reminded me of a FIM climax (I hope that's not giving away too much:twilightsheepish:).

So yeah, Hoof to Heart, Pip Pip Hooray, 🎵& All That Jazz!🎵

The important thing is that you enjoyed the movie as it is. I'll probably have another watch over it within the coming days. I'll need to until the transcript for the movie is done. Makes it easier to work with.

I too got both Raya and Zootopia vibes from this film as well. Overall i thought this was such a fun treat start to finish both with old and new elements of pony while not forgetting the core of Fim. The cast was all endearing and the songs were super catchy with a solid tight knit story leaving us with enough questions for the new series to tackle. I only had a few small problems here and there. Nothing major though if given a fair chance. I'm surprised to see it doing so well based off the reception of the last time ponies went to the big screen. Hitch i found charming as a whole and a even slightly better written character than Spike was in recent outings. (Don't hate the baby dragon his episodes are just inconsistent.)

We can totally feel those vibes and they were really good flicks when I've seen them. I admire how they gave us a slightly new introduction to Equestria, while at the same time leaving something familiar for fans who grew with the last generation. The cast is memorable, the songs are catchy, and even though the movie itself leaves more questions than answers if the intent is to study those questions leading into the series than they did its job.

If you are willing to share what those problems are, please feel free to leave your thoughts in a follow-up comment.

As for Hitch, I will admit I wasn't so sure what to think of this guy but I will admit he's had some memorable moments to offer.

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