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For Whom The Friendship Tolls (G5 Spoilers) · 3:22pm September 24th

Howdy folks! First and foremost, as always, Adorable Applejack:

Now then, as the title implies (Get it? Because, you know... time... m-marches on? Shut the the fuck up I hate you all) , this blog has some spoilers for the new G5 movie. Kind of. Ye be warned.

So... I really fucking liked it!

Seriously, the characters were fun and unique, the dialogue was snappy and real, great visuals, funny jokes and background gags, great music, it was awesome! Was it perfect? Of course not, but by the end if gave me what I have always and will always want from Pony: cute poners and the occasional giggle.

Rather than a full review, I decided to do what I did for Wonder Woman 1984 and just sort of stream of consciousness my thoughts. So if you haven't seen the movie, you may not get the context, as it does go in chronological order.

Starts immediately with the tennis ball. It’s like they knew

If Evil Rarity doesn’t become a thing, I’m leaving the fandom

Unicorn cupcake. Okay, that cinches it. They haven’t forgotten about us

Sunny and Argyle are wholesome beyond words. Also the “legend” of Episode 1 is great

Frizzy Mane Sunny is precious

Dead Dad Trope. Guess Michael McKean isn’t cheap

Song 1 is amazing.

Sprout is both the dick we need and the dick we deserve

How the fuck do you grab while wearing roller blades?! I let it slide for hooves, but how do you grip with wheels?! Sdouhasyfgdaofgvol………………..

Jawohl, Lord Cloverleaf!

A pony to swoop down and snatch you away? Phyllis has obviously read Herald

I like Hitch. Good guy, just drank too much Kool-Aid

A splat on the camera? Pinkie would be proud

Arnold Pony is the best and I won’t hear otherwise.

Izzy is the new Pinkie

And balloon pony was never seen again

Hitch “Donut Lord” Trailblazer

A Police calendar… and it’s only Hitch

Hitch “Hide Yo Waifus” Trailblazer

Influencer Pipp is… a thing

“Execute Order 66, Sprout.”

Continuing in the Disney tradition, the villain song is the best

“This pony smells… and so could you.” Pipp confirmed to sweat daisies and fart rainbows.

Hitch “Reluctant Fluttershy” Trailblazer


Queen’s shower song is the MLP theme. Love it

Zephyrina Diane P… oh, sorry

I love it when background action continues to happen during musical numbers.

Hitch “I’ll Wear This Mustache” Trailblazer

Love how the earth ponies are industrious. Actually, I love how each race’s best trait has been twisted against them. Noice

Aaaand now I just saw it. Don’t know how I missed it before, but now it’s obvious: Sprout has Trump hair. Subtle message is not subtle

Never mind. Fit Right In is the best song.

I love how Hitch is slowly coming around. Dude has been a stickler for the law for most his life, so it makes sense he takes more time to come around

Izzy “Sombra” Moonbow [crystal intensifies]

Oh god. Izzy isn’t the new Pinkie Pie. She’s the new Autumn Blaze

Wait, is that boy voiced by Pipsqueak’s voice actor?

And the payoff for Reluctant Fluttershy

Sprout Jong Un

Get in the fucking EVA, Sprout

Ah, no Orbital Friendship Beam. The problem isn’t solved by lasers and tactical Friendship Nukes, but by just plain friendship. As it should be.

Sunny has come such a long, long way… (Thanks M.A. Larson)

Balloon Pony is Best Pony

Shout out to Lauren Faust in the credits. Awesome.

So... yeah! TL:DR, the future looks bright for My Little Pony if they keep this momentum going.

Stay awesome! :ajsmug:

PS. Just a bit upset that we didn't get this:

View on Derpibooru (Original source unknown at time of posting)

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It's a little too childish for me but it's LOADS better than I expected it would be. I'll actually look forward to the series now rather than worry about it like the impending doom I thought it was before.

I let it slide for hooves, but how do you grip with wheels?!

Lock the wheels somehow, then they're on either side.

Hitch is the best incarnation of Fluttershy and no amount of fanfiction will convince me otherwise

if only he had flutterbutt, but you can't have everything in life

Yeah, I had fun! Like you said, wasn't perfect, but there was a lot to like. Izzy is always going to be my favorite character and nobody will convince me otherwise. Although... since Fluttershy was my favorite in FiM and Hitch has what is essentially "Why am I Fluttershy?" abilities, he's coming in at a close second. I was glad he was more than just comic relief.

Here's hoping the show is just as enjoyable! :yay:

I can see the reason for the reboot, with the realization at Hasbro that "Hey, we can sell these to boys too. We need some guy ponies in the new show." And updating to modern cell phones and livestreaming. Izzy is best pon.

My thoughts are thus.


Yeah I loved it too. And who knows, maybe we'll meet fully grown up, and possibly old Spike in the series.

The movie was a good time.

While the basic gist was usual CGI children's movie fare, the way they got there was pretty entertaining and, uh...

You know what wasn't usual? Tackling racism in a step above the usual 90's PSA 'racism is bad kids' kind of way. An incompetent and aggressive demagogue elevated by business and defense interests. Derogatory racist cartoons and propaganda. Leaders maintaining a willful lie to control a populace.

Pipp was the 5th wheel, but whatever, they had a story to tell and 90 minutes to do it in.

The whole thing was well-executed and felt a lot more poignant than one might expect.

And my god Sunny is cute.

dang it you got me there

Appreciate the review Jake, other than the not so subtle political jabs, it sounds like it was pretty good!

Man, Jake, I love you, bro, so glad you're still here, and just because I only stop in to FimFiction twice, maybe thrice, a year, don't mean I love ya any less. I ain't even watched the show REALLY after season 3, but I'm glad you're still kickin'! And by GAHD, we need more MacinDash here! I swear!

Also, the movie posters in the movie were funny as hell, they literally have a full-blown Bojack Horseman reference if you look at the posters.


D'aww, thanks so much! I'm not as active as I'd like to be anymore, but things like this really warm my cold, shriveled, Drill Sergeant heart. :heart:

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