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  • Today
    I’m at an arcade

    Way outta my comfort zone lol

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  • Today
    Basically me last week

    ”Momma! I got a Hero shaped piñata!” Griff cried victoriously, bursting into the dorms and slipping the portable, candy filled effigy around one of the bunk bed’s poles. Melody sat in front of it, staring at it with shock.

    ”I’m…kind of surprised at how well made this is. What did you use, mijo?”

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  • Today
    Watched CoryxKenshin’s gameplay of Poppy Playtime (Chapter 1)

    Let’s just say that this game seems like my worst nightmare.

    The menu theme is the one thing that scares the shit out of me.

    I hate that it’s so soothing. Because it gives me a sense of some kind of descent into madness, or a dark undertone. Like an odd, impeding doom. The candid, raw, muffled tone of the music sounds so sinister to me.

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  • Friday
    This is probably why I don’t talk to my aunt that much

    Me: Oh hey, it sounds like my aunt’s watching Squid Game! I’m gonna go see what episode is on.

    Also me: *immediately walks in on a sex scene*

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  • Friday
    Had a nightmare

    It was about me working in a movie studio where the director was a loon and killed half the people on set. There was this other “unappreciated understudy” girl who started killing half the girls on set to get the role she needed for something, idk.

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Tenticulling (Anthro) · 2:37pm September 24th

“Okay, this is the spot.” Griff led his friends, Toast, Bez, and his Papa Hero into his basement. They stared as it was dripping with a sticky black substance all over the walls, adorned with a pearlescent dark blue. The walls were awfully pigmented with the same color, and they each looked at Griff with canted brows. 

“So where’s Melody?” Bez asked. 

“Oh, she’s right there.” Griff pointed to a blob of the liquid on the floor with a chuckle. “I told you she’d be here.” 


“Holy shit…” 

“I don’t think that follows the laws of consent,” Toast remarked. Bezier and Hero looked at him quizzically. “...what?” 

“Griff, what the actual fuck.” Hero knelt down at the growing shape of gooey black vines. Bezier stood next to him, looking back at Griff with a frown. 

“What even is this place?” 

“It’s my special room.” 



“So this is where he gets his milk?” 

Everyone looked at Toast once again. 


“Okay, that’s besides the point,” Hero raised his hands, then pointing toward the swirling tentacles. “Is your mom dead?” 

“You guys thought I was dead?!” 

Melody bursted from the heart of the blob, sending the putrid smelling liquid all over the squad. 



“So this is what umbrum semen smells like.” 

Everyone glared at him this time. Toast rolled his eyes and clamped a hand over his beak. Melody turned to everyone, and as it turned out her clothes were perfectly clean. Bezier looked at her own outfit, soiled with tentacle goo. 

“Wait, so how the fu-” 

“So you aren’t dead? Damnit.” Hero muttered.

“No, I- wait, what?” 

“Guys.” Griff held his hands up. “I was just giving my hard working mother a relaxing massage!” 

Bez narrowed her eyes and stepped out of the basement. Toast did the same, but not before he scooped up some of the goo with a finger and placed it into a vial. “I’m still positive this is umbrum cum,” he remarked, before leaving the basement. 

“...so I guess we should just move the party into the living room?” Griff asked, looking back at his parents. Melody nodded and stepped out, unbeknownst to the black liquid making way for her, even as it was lying lifelessly on the floor. Hero looked at Griff and said, 

“It’s definitely cum.” 


And Hero followed Melody out of the basement. Griff harrumphed and plopped down onto the floor. 




“I told you we should’ve gone to AppleBee’s…” a voice echoed. 

Griff rubbed the sore part of his face with a paw. 

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Comments ( 23 )

Aw...poor mijo...




*grumbling* “Stupid tentacle cum…”



*Hugs* it's okay mijo!

”All I wanted was to give my mom a massage…to thank her for feeding me, and clothing me, and giving me a home…” *sad kitten eyes*

And you did! *hug* I loved it. They're being stupid

*whistling, before shoving him into the slime*

”Mm…you mean it…?”


*it literally just collects around his body*

*smiles and burrows into her chest with a satisfied, mischievous grin*

“Heheheh… got’em.”

*heavy breathing intensifies* its gae!

”Hehe, now you’re about to drown in ittttt!”

*struggles* I-I dont want to end like this!

”Succumb to the cum—“

*grabs onto him* I’m taking you with me!

”Bitch, they’re my own tentacles. I’m literally made of the same thing. How is that going to hurt me?”

fuck...you a bitch!

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