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and one update to go and Desperados is done! As for the next story, I have a question for anyone interested. (Sensitive subject) · 2:33pm September 24th

Yep, the story's conclusion is approaching, and I hope you love it. that said, if you have questions, or wanting more, I will be willing to say a few thing if you wish to know. Be sure of a few things first, if it's not written down in a story, it could be be changed, so any information on what I'll do next is nebulous. There are certainty points I plan on doing, places and names that have come up in the story, but how it will be done is not set.

As for the current story I'm working on, I'm almost done with reading over and self editing what I have down. That's 15 chapters of pony in the wasteland having highs and lows... well more like some highs and "Oh my fucking god, what is this nightmare I got myself into." but as I slowly get to writing again, the time has helped let me think on how the MC, that would be Lottery, would act after what she had been through. Worse, how having to deal with an uncaring wasteland would drive the scares deeper, and likely make her more jaded. The overall idea is that she, in the end, has no power, as she is not Littlepip or Blackjack. She is not Murky either, but I don't want this story to be all about pain and suffering with a few up.

Ultimately I know this story will rub people the wrong way with the content in it, likely really bad. Though It's going to be worse if I cop out and not tell the story for what it is, or brush the difficult parts under the rug. It was an idea that was stuck in my head, after other stories and other having come close to such subjects. That being the consequences for ones actions and rape. As in, a character putting themselves into a situation were they are made into a victim, and dealing with the aftermath. No one deserves such a thing, but it's like being told to not go into Murder Ally because you will get stabbed, and doing it anyways, then getting stabbed. Where I'm going with this is that Lottery puts herself in this situation, where she is given an out and dose not take it, but instead makes the situation worse, leading to her getting raped. She gets away (Otherwise there is no story) but only finds that almost nopony cares, and worse, had been saddled with debt from her abusers, leading her to be pushed into prostitution to pay it off. Things get better, but not right away.

So ya, the question, If you read what is above. Is this too much? should I just change the story were she takes the out and pays off the debt some other way? Or keep the idea as is, having the steep emotional roller-coaster that turns into a revenge tail then change my mind and have it just her trying to stop an evil?

I'm sure the story would not change much with or without the rape, but the tone would be different in the long run. It may also require me change a seen further back, where Lottery is witness of what Raiders do to their victims, which emotionally disturbs her.

Just seeing what your opinion on this.

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It's your story so write it how you want, I support you %100. The Fallout universe is not all sunshine and rainbows for everyone. Sometimes life is hard but part of the story is how the character rises above and gets better. Or not as that's also a outcome. Life is not perfect.

I've always been a sucker for a happy ending, where the main character faces trouble after trouble and becomes a better person through hardship or redeems themselves with their final acts. A story in which things become better in the end within reason (I swear those metro ponies only got off so well because of plot armor or divine intervention). A story in which the hero shows that their way of doing things are much better than the villains. A story in which the hero almost always tries to do the right thing with mixed results. The wasteland needs more Littlepips and less Vibraphone Echos (a.k.a. Cold Iron).

However, I realize that not all stories have or should have happy endings. That things are more interesting with a morally dubious hero instead of a knight in shining armor (though I do feel more sympathy for the knight). That an immoral hero is more realistic and suited for this environment than a goodie two shoes. This is the wasteland after all. I imagine more anti-heros running around in this setting than Littlepips (another reason why many hold the Light Bringer in high regard).

Ultimately, I just say do what you feel is right for this story Dice. Just remember to try not to make the story too depressing. If it's too depressing, the story is gonna turn many readers away and get a good chunk of dislikes. It's alright if the story has a bad ending, but needs to be interesting and have a good build up. Hope this helps.

yep, that is going to be the point for this story, were this character gets a hard lesion on what the wasteland is, and must overcome it or let it consume her. Thanks for the encouragement.

Ya, "Dance of the Orthrus" was a story that got away from me, as I didn't plan enough of it ahead of writing it. But ya, I do agree with you that the best hero's are the ones who rise above the evils of the world, who show others a better way. It's why the Arbu point in Fo:E was meant to be so shocking, in and out of the story. That the ponies of Arbu had crossed a line that even Pip could nolonger hold onto her morals. That aside, I do plan for Lottery to be a far more moral pony compared to the other characters in my story, it's just the problem is she will be ignorant to how bad the wasteland can be. For what she will go through, there is no way I won't give her a more happy ending, it's just getting there is where all the craziness is. Again thanks for the support.

The incident in Arbu was a good thing to put into the original Fo:E, as it added an important moral dilemma into the story. It showed once again that Littlepip was a good yet flawed hero who made mistakes and had her own limits. It made her more realistic and likable. To be fair, she would have to kill all the adults in town anyway, since she has no way at the time besides killing to stop them from doing what they were doing (especially once she and her friends left). However, she shouldn't have lost control like that and probably should have done more research (snooping) into the town before agreeing to help them.

Littepip may have lost her way at times, but she always found it and ultimately overcame the wasteland. Vibraphone Echo didn't overcome it and was instead consumed by it, turning her into a monster who killed people who simply got in her way. The three main characters in Desperados are currently being consumed by the wasteland as well. We shall see if those three and Lottery are consumed by the wasteland or if they manage to overcome it in the end despite the odds.

Anyway, I can't wait to see more of your work Dice!!!

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