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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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  • Monday
    You are in Equestria

    Butt it's a typical Bendyfic one.

    What would you do? Would you reject big ponies and want normal-sized ponies? Tell them to knock off the growth?

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  • Saturday
    Pineapple on pizza is heresy

    Does anyone else agree? I find it to be heresy when someone puts pineapple on pizza.

    I feel like we need an epic pony story that deals with this conflict. Maybe, G5 happened in Equestria when somepony put pineapple on pizza which opened pandora's box?

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  • 1 week
    Where would be the safest place in Equestria be?

    I'm thinking some random town in the middle of nowhere. Just stay away from Canterlot and Ponyville, get a simple job and marry some redneck pony, and you'll be fine. You will be able to avoid most of the crazy shenanigans that happen in the show. If you see the Mane Six, just run out of town for a while, then come back.

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  • 1 week
    G5 Human in Equestria

    I waited... and I waited... but nobody made this group. So, here's a G5 Human in Equestria group. Even thousands of years from now ponies cannot escape the loving touch of human hands.


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  • 1 week
    How heavy would a Pony be to lift?

    Let's take Rarity for example, an average sized pony. Could a human gentleman carry her up a staircase as a newly wedded bride? Or would said human need to be a buff tank to lift her?

    Now... if the pony is Princess Celestia.... forget about it. Too much cake for most men. The human lifting her would need to be someone like Eddie Hall to lift that big mama horse.

    23 comments · 110 views

Brief Spoiler Free Review: My Little Pony: A New Generation · 11:45am September 24th

It's good wholesome fun. Nothing really felt forced, and it emotionally moved me. It warmed my cold, black, cynical heart. So, if you looking for something wholesome to watch, watch this movie, rather than some grimdark edgy crap like Game of Thrones.

Unless you overanalyze this movie with a microscope there is nothing nobody should be upset about.

I regret ever watching Game of Thrones.

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Unless you overanalyze this movie with a microscope there is nothing nobody should be upset about.

Welcome to the Internet, sir/madam/nonbinary-honorific (English doesn't seem to really have any despite not being a gendered language in the traditional sense).

Yeah, you are right.

We can only hope there's not a lot of hate over a wholesome pony movie.

Oh, it debuted? I thought it was further away for some reason, guess I'll go find a place to watch it.

Bendy #4 · 3 weeks ago · · ·

Yeah, my worries early in this year were unfounded. As long as you don't overanalyze it, it's good fun I find.

From what I hear, it’s the best musical film to come out this weekend.

Little horses are good at singing I guess. I'm not one for musicals, but it was not so bad.


I also liked it. Frankly, I like it much more than the 2017 FiM movie. Pretty much everything worked very well - the characters, the setting, the songs, the humor... My only complaint would be that the ending felt a bit rushed, but... other than that...

If that's the directionG5 chooses, we may be in for a good ride :twilightsmile:!

Bendy #8 · 3 weeks ago · · ·

Yeah. It has a good message overall as well. It does not come across as hateful in its messaging either. No one side is pure evil, no black and white morality.

I thought it was great, and Rotten Tomatoes is at 100% / 93% (I mean, we don't really care for critics but its amusing to know). Overall a very positive experience and any "complaints" I have are really just personal opinions rather than production issues.
Can't wait for more :twilightsmile:

It delivered a positive message in a positive way. It didn't really demonize any of the groups of the ponies.

Yeah, if anything, it demonised lies and rumors, as well as believing them blindly. I'm also glad that the pegasus didn't revert to militaristic bums lol

This is the true angst of a man who got HBO now just to watch Game of thrones and now regrets getting HBO now.

Yeah, it fell really hard once they ran out of books. Really sad.

Yeah, it was a welcomed surprise.

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