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Usual but fun · 3:22am Sep 24th, 2021

This is the last time I tell the others I’m going to a far part of Equestria for a job! This list of things they want is ridiculous!

*as fallout looks over the long list of things his wife’s wanted as souvenirs he hears a giggle coming from his side*

is what I wanted ridiculous sweetie?

*fluttershy nuzzled her husband at an attempt to calm him down which works, soon after she began to nuzzle him he smiled*

relax you don’t have to get everything on there right? I’m sure the others will understand

Yeah I know but I hate making the others sad when I don’t get some of the things they wanted

I know so how about for now we focus on the job at hoof and worry about shopping later hmm?

Well….o-ok your right I need to focus! I shouldn’t get distracted about this right now especially when I’m about to meet my client about my job

exactly! Now I’ll be looking around the shops while you go meet up with this client of yours

*smiles and kisses her* thanks babe you always know how to keep me on track! But how about you come with me?

are you sure?

Yeah of course! I’m scared to leave you alone babe your way to beautiful and cute to leave alone some guy might try something

*laughs* oh don’t be silly

I’m serious…smile and move your head for me

*smiles* see your way to cute babe

*blushes* d-do you really think so?

I know so

your really sweet….I’ll go with you


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Well, he gets to leave with a cute wife…. Lucky!

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