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  • Today
    I honestly hate seeing happy couples in movies sometimes

    Like, I just want someone that’ll sit on my back while I do push ups :ajsleepy:

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  • Today
    Just finished watching The Strangers

    Not bad, but not good. The action made the watch worthwhile though. So there’s that.

    Also now I have a bunch of ideas for what to draw. The concept of our friend group’s OCs as a band of murderers sounds fun.

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  • Sunday
    Alice In Borderland

    Basically a bit of a more relaxed Squid Game. Really confusing but all around good I guess. There’s a trans character in there too, so you know ya boy’s a fan.

    Just finished the first season. They might have a season two coming.

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  • Sunday

    Griff is tall and bulky but doesn’t really know how to fight. He’s taken martial arts classes but doesn’t like using what he’s been taught because of either a height or size difference, which is also why he kind of resents himself for being an umbrum.

    Same with me like an hour ago when my toothpick of cousin got the jump on me because I didn’t punch her—

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  • Saturday
    I’m eating Chinese takeout

    VA don’t miss. Holy fuck.

    The orange chicken is crispy, the food is hot, and they don’t cheap out when it comes to serving sizes. Nor do they skimp out on the sauce. Fuck.

    Now I know the name of the place.

    Look out for Griff, you amazingly talented bitches.

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Advice for the small amount of people that would want to date me in the future · 11:06pm September 23rd

If you really wanna score me,

Take me to Denny’s.

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Or just buy me McDonald’s. Any guy with eyes and a stomach is gonna say yes to that.

*Plans to burn down every Dennys in the US*


Lol for real, you need higher standards.

Besides a few items, Dennys is garbage.

Eh, it’s a safe space for me. I mostly like it because my dad used to take me there when I was being a moody lil’ shite. So most of my good memories of when I went there are because of him.

Also, if there’s one thing little me and teen me still have in common, it’s that I’ll eat anything. Food is a coping mechanism for me. Especially since it’s my dad that inspired me to be a foodie. So Denny’s, to me, is symbolic of him. That’s why I like it.

Plus I guess neither of us really cared how shitty the food was lol

Did not expect such an emotional answer.

You keep your Dennys, dude :twilightsmile:

Thanks. But god forbid anyone ever tries to indulge in any form of DDLG with my fatass lol


I had to Urban dictionary DDLG.

I'm now scarred.


Now you’re scarred.

Tell seven people or you will die in the next few weeks


Tell them what? That Griff is into DDLG? :rainbowlaugh:

Hell yeah man. What else would you tell em?

Actually don’t answer that

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