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  • Today
    Watched CoryxKenshin’s gameplay of Poppy Playtime (Chapter 1)

    Let’s just say that this game seems like my worst nightmare.

    The menu theme is the one thing that scares the shit out of me.

    I hate that it’s so soothing. Because it gives me a sense of some kind of descent into madness, or a dark undertone. Like an odd, impeding doom. The candid, raw, muffled tone of the music sounds so sinister to me.

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  • Friday
    This is probably why I don’t talk to my aunt that much

    Me: Oh hey, it sounds like my aunt’s watching Squid Game! I’m gonna go see what episode is on.

    Also me: *immediately walks in on a sex scene*

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  • Friday
    Had a nightmare

    It was about me working in a movie studio where the director was a loon and killed half the people on set. There was this other “unappreciated understudy” girl who started killing half the girls on set to get the role she needed for something, idk.

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  • Friday

    When can I cause drama and not catch myself laughing at it

    Cause this isn’t funny

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  • Thursday
    To everyone I’m talking to on fimfic

    I’m literally so sorry

    It takes me like three hours to respond on here so please bare with me

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Okay but here’s an idea · 6:35pm September 23rd

Femboy Goth Metamorphosis

Report GooeyxGriffy · 31 views ·
Comments ( 9 )

Oh heck yeah—


Heh. You wanna draw him?

I wannaaaaa

Sadly no motivation

Whaaaat? It’s true!

*Blushes shyly* "Okay..."

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