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Fic Rec: Children of the Sun · 4:55pm September 22nd

There comes a time when we need to recognize the quality that comes with years of constantly applied effort.
One of my friends has finally published their magnum opus, and being the best piece by a brilliant writer, I implore all my followers to check it out.

EChildren of the Sun
Our Goddess has told us we will finally reach the surface today, after nearly a thousand years' wait. As her Prophet, I will be the first to see the sun again. I can only hope Equestria is still up there.
Silent Whisper · 13k words  ·  176  5 · 1k views
Report AuroraDawn · 55 views · #Recommendation
Comments ( 3 )

Thank you so much for the shoutout! It means a lot to me! :heart:

For a second I thought this was your story, but then I saw the "E" rating.

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