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Fic recs, September 22nd! · 1:31pm September 22nd

Local personality MrNumbers is in need of some help. No one needs to go through that! Guess the help has been delivered, gj Fimfic!

So instead, please help out Jade Ring! Stuff is bad, y'all. :(

VisualPony's newest reading is LittleAngelStocking's Luna Takes a Shower!

I caught wind of some people in our community who need help, and my blogs don't get read if they aren't reviews or extremely vaguely titled, so here's signal boosts and five random short fics off my RIN!

H: 0 R: 2 C: 1 V: 1 N: 1

The Cold Shadow by TimeRarity64
Genre: Dark?
I read this because it's the prequel to something on the audiobook list that I now will not be reading! I couldn't get even a paragraph into this. It's complete gobbledygook. There are so many usage problems, typos, missing words, you name it, that it's absolutely incomprehensible. And what little I could comprehend tells me it's just going to be edgy junk. This has internal chapters, so it's technically a DNF, but to be honest, I barely read that first chapter as it is.
Not Recommended

As I Lay Smiling by shortskirtsandexplosions
Genre: Drama
Pinkie Pie's sisters come to talk to her.
The one problem with this story? The cover art. I'd have much preferred to intuit the situation from the dialogue and the characters' actions than just get that front-loading of, "Oh, Pinkie's been turned to stone." But otherwise? I can't really find fault with this. The intermingling of the three scenes might throw some readers off at first. It certainly took me a few scene changes to get used to. And the dialogue is maybe a little telly, but again, that's more a problem with the cover art. It would have been perfectly fine without the tell at the start. What really caught me is the characters' actions. I mean, Limestone is expectedly angry. Marble expectedly doesn't know what to do with herself. But both of their scenes evolve. And then there's the ever-inscrutable Maud, who has the most interesting take on the situation, and I don't mean being impressed that Pinkie is now a rock because SS&E predicted that one good episode in S9. So yeah, this was good!

Not That Lonely by Justice3442
Genre: EQG
Applejack has a question for Sunset.
Justice fics, they're to be savored like a fine wine. :D This was a larf and a harf, just solid banter, all the usual (fun) tropes, and an ending you definitely will not see coming. That is, of course, if you don't mind the severely raunchy dialogue. And Fluttershy talking about animal dicks. Which was hilarious, I should add.

Buttons by Admiral Biscuit
Sequel to Interview With a Cab Driver
Genre: Slice of Life
A lonely train ride gets less lonely with a good story.
I'm not sure what to make of this one. The main issue is that Buttons's story is like, 40% jargon with very little in the way of explanation. But because of that, our POV character is in the same boat as I am, so clearly it's intentional. That said, I don't feel like the story being told was really that interesting. If anything, I can say I liked this less than the previous story, though it's certainly not bad by any stretch.
Recommended If You Like Trains

Home by Rated Ponystar
Genre: Dark AU/Shipping
For eight years, only one thought has kept Gallus going.
Really have to wonder why a story about the Student Six ended up in my RIN. <.< What was I hoping to get out of this? Especially shipping two of them! Well, I was content to read about the effects lengthy imprisonment has on the mind. I feel like that was really well portrayed, both in the prison and after he's freed. That said, eventually I got to one single sentence, where Gallus is wondering what all has changed in his absence, and it completely ruined the story for me. Just one utterly unimportant detail that was not something I really wanted to hear or see, y'know? The writing's got some issues, so I am letting that one sentence drag my rating down. This is only for Gallus fans.
Vaguely Recommended

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Thanks for the signal boost, buddy!

MrNumbers got the money a week ago, fyi. Might want to remove that to help the signal boost for Jade.

Happily, MrNumbers is no longer in need of donations.

An interesting spread this time around, thanks as always!

Author Interviewer

Good news, if everything works out as planned, my next fic will also have train lingo. Although not as much, since the protagonist isn’t a railroad employee, just a mare who knows a thing or two about trains.

someday I'll gather the courage to read that Last Descendant story what was it called like high ball or something?

Yeah, I think that was it. Kinda predictable in the traditional American folklore sense, although that doesn’t make it any less good.

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