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Playing with AI, Derpy, and old story ideas · 12:58pm Sep 21st, 2021

There are still GPT apps floating around here and there. One popped up while I was reading a thread somewhere and I thought, hey, why not plug one of my never-written idea prompts into it just to see what might happen.

I both do and do not feel replaced, but at least I got a giggle out of it.

Twilight and Princess De Raptura attempt to regain control of the moon. It shouldn't be hard. All they have to do is dance with it.

This is the last in a series of letters sent between these two mares after the discovery of the secret of the moon.
Twilight, I'm sorry.

This is your fault
This is your fault
De Raptura smiled as she realized she had won.
All she had to do was play the moon.
Her dance would surely have it's effect on the moon.
It would be merely a matter of waiting for the mare to attempt to stop her.
De Raptura simply had to do something.
The moon had to be enthralled.
De Raptura's smile turned into a frown as she realized that she couldn't.
She hadn't found the right dance for it.
De Raptura was in a panic.
She tried to dance with it.
The moon had it's own dance.
De Raptura tried to follow it.
Her attempts were futile.
De Raptura's attempts at dancing with the moon would not affect it.
It's dance was just too beautiful.
De Raptura had to escape.
The moon wouldn't allow it.
De Raptura took off into the sky.
She flew for a while before she realized her mistake.
The moon was very large.
The moon wasn't where the dance was.
De Raptura flew around looking for the moon.
The moon was nowhere to be seen.
De Raptura fell.
The ground was too close.
De Raptura tried to fly away.
Her wings refused to obey her.
De Raptura tried to scream for help.
It was too late.
De Raptura hit the ground and was instantly rendered unconscious.
The moon landed where De Raptura had fallen.
The moon turned around.
The moon walked off.

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:derpyderp2: "3/10. Great graphics, but couldn't track my inputs properly. Would not play again."

Cool moons don't look at unconscious alicorns.

What does "GPT" stand for in this context? I looked it up, but I could not see anything relevant to language processing.

GPT-2 is an open source machine-learning "AI" from OpenAI. You train it on a sample set and then feed it snippets to see what it spits out.

shout out to the time that the moderators of this website decided that I couldn't post stories that were mostly written by AI .

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