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Sunny and friends at National Gallery · 7:49am September 21st

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I had some difficulty getting the video at the link to work, but I found this on YouTube which appears to be more or less the same (at least, from what I saw of the linked video).
Anyway, seems an interesting idea; thanks for sharing the news.

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Is this another combo that would never work in the US?

Huh. You think Hasbro is trying to insert MLP into UK high society? Royal wedding... National Gallery coop... I haven't seen (or have forgotten) any similar prominent pony events elsewhere, so it makes me wonder.

I support it though. More pony legitimacy!

Maybe next a giant Celestia statue to replace the R.E. Lee one that was just taken down in Virginia. Hmmm... Yes.

Doesn't look like Hasbro are doing this. It seems to be the National Gallery trying to shake off a stuffy image and insert more young people in their exhibitions. As a Public Relations person I get this. And it's what ponies are best at - bringing everyone together and getting them to try new things.

I'm waiting for a giant pony to appear on the Fourth plinth on Trafalgar Square.


Ideally heartbutt, for me. Just because sunbutt or moonbutt would be too... expected a plinth topping.

The point of the National Gallery is to be stuffy and snobby. It wears populism poorly (as can be seen from this Borgesian saving throw), and the people would be better served if their art was curated by a different institution.

If the National Gallery is like any other part of the British establishment, it will be home to a diverse community of people who all have different ideas about what it should be about. It's curious that there is no mention of this project on their Twitter feed yet, although it's getting a lot of media attention. They might just be slow. But here's my current theory: this project was commissioned by a smart individual at the gallery with the goal of pissing off the stuffy old farts higher up in the management. I will keep that idea as a working hypothesis until we have more data (and until I have visited the gallery).

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This actually makes more sense than Hasbro saying "Go point your phone at this specific picture and you'll see a pony."

Does it morph between the two images like a 1990s computer demo?

I wish our national gallery was this fun.

Hm. Interesting idea, really; maybe kids would have found something interesting in the National gallery, maybe even something sparking a lifelong interest in art, but wouldn't have seen it because museums are boring. But with this, perhaps some of those kids will be actually asking their parents to take them to see the ponies -- and while they're there, actively looking around for ponies instead of being bored, they will see what they'd have missed.

...And I suppose there could be some internal politics in there too, yes. :D
I don't know much about the relevant inner workings here.

I'll bet ya that one of the big shot administrators in the National Gallery staff is a closeted brony :twilightblush:

Heh, also a possibility, aye. :D

now they'll get to discover boring museums but with ponies! Now I'm just kidding I should probably shut the fuk up I haven't been to a museum in a hot f****** minute

Eh, I do get that museums aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I've been known to deliberately go to them for fun myself, at least. :D

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