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Question of the Week#24 · 7:07pm September 20th

Well, hello everyone and welcome back to the Question of the Week and this week I have a rather intriguing (at least I think so) question for you all.

Now this is one of those weird descriptive questions, so please make sure you read it thoroughly before you answer.

So let's say you go to a world designed for succubi ponies to reside in and you are visiting a city/town in this bizarre world, if there was a structure/system in this world that used/involved tentacles… that also isn't sexual in nature but actually aided in the functionality of the city/town, what would it be?

Feel free to offer your ideas/suggestions below. 

And that’s the silly, awkward and extremely confusing question I have for you all this week. I hope you all enjoy and have a good week. 

Comments ( 9 )

Mail sorting and delivery.

Especially if everyone has PO boxes. I hear the ones on the bottom row are the most popular.

The tentacles are actually pretty good at non-sexual massage, if anypony were willing to ask them.

I could see the tentacles appearing out of the ground in a way similar to Discord’s black vines. They perform helpful tasks: anything from retrieving a dropped book to carefully moving your house to a new lot.

Part of their magic restores the ground to its previous unblemished appearance when the vines wave goodbye then retreat.

5584569 Pretty awesome ideas. I like them a lot. :raritywink:

5584566 I like your idea as well, though I'm not too sure what you mean by the bottom row being the most popular. :twilightsheepish:

5584729 Interesting, would you mind elaborating? :pinkiesmile:

Someone could commit a crime like theft or murder or genocide but they get caught by the tentacles because the tentacles come from anywhere in the ground meaning that they can probably see what's happening.

I’ve always imagined succubi like showing off a little bit, and a succubus would need to bend over to retrieve her mail from the bottom row.
Well, she could crouch, I guess, but where’s the fun in that?

5584775 Okay, that's fair. :rainbowlaugh:

When reading the question for the first time, I was thinking of a huge tentacle tower in the middle of the town. Something like that could be used to move ponies or carriges from on point to another as long as it’s close to the “tower”, kinda like a huge lift. That would be a good way to make transport and travel easier in a city that funnels everything into one place with all the roads pointing into it’s middle, like the Crystal Empire.

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