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I love writing both Original Fanfictions and Movie Xovers[Meaning I write the movie plot with MLP characters] I also love all forms of feedback

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I can't decide · 2:57pm Sep 20th, 2021

I need one for Sombra’s Sword. Normally Sombra uses a regular broadsword but I can't decide which one will be Sombra's personally sword. the sword his father gave him before his death.

Sword 1

Sword 2

Sword 3

Cast a vote please

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Comments ( 14 )

3. The craftsmanship is better.

2. The blade is more regal and ominous

I would say Sword 3. It looks more practical and well-made.

3, it looks more like something that would be handed down from father to son if he isn't part of the Royal bloodline if he IS part of the Royal bloodline go with 2


The handle looks way more regal and fitting for a prince.

I'd say 2 for the handle but 3 for the blade. I don't think 1 would fit at all.

2's too much design looks like ornamental and fantastical, 3 looks usable in war, so number 3.

i like 2 but 3 can work as well

2 for coolness purpose

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