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My First Official Fan Fiction Is Up! · 12:00am Dec 7th, 2012

I just posted my first official fan fiction, MLP Parodypasta: The Terror In The Basement. It is just a small parody of the creepypastas out there, using ponies as the main characters. I hope that you enjoy it.

You can read it here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/231914/mlp-parodypasta-the-terror-in-the-basement

On a side note, I follow a particular formula when I write pony fan fictions. Listed below are some of the personal rules I follow when writing stories.

Personal Fan Fiction writing Rules:

1. I do not write stories with non-cannon pairings.
2. I tend to write fan fictions about minor characters.
3. I also like to write fan fictions about major characters.
4. I do not write anything that is not cannon to the show, unless it is an alternate universe fan fiction.
5. I like writing stories about ponies as humans. I will not post those stories here.
6. I like using original characters but they are never the focal point of the fan fiction.
7. Celestia will never be evil in anything I write. She is not a tyrant; she loves all ponies.

If you can handle that, you will probably like my fan fiction. If not, that is cool too. Everyone has their tastes, right?

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