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142 Questions for a Unicorn: 98-108 – Beyond the Standard Model Physics · 5:13pm September 19th

Sunny flipped a hoof through the pages of her notebook with an ever-widening grin on her face.

“This is so cool. We’ve done pizza toppings, smoothie flavours, and your best fanfics... What’s next? Ooo—here’s good one. Question number 98: Can unicorns really move the sun and moon by magic? Have you modified the law of gravity? Can you explain the dark matter in the galaxy with a new type of particle? Have you found a theory that combines gravity with the other fundamental forces?”

“Well…” said Izzy.

“What do you think is the cause of the matter-antimatter asymmetry of the universe? Have unicorns found any fundamental particles of matter beyond three generations of quarks and leptons in the standard model? If so, how many? If not, do you think there are any more?”


“How high energy can you accelerate a proton beam using unicorn magic? How many unicorns would it take to reach a TeV? Do unicorns have particle collider experiments or do you have other ways to study fundamental physics?”


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Asking the important questions here, aren't we.

While digging out stuff for sperating junk and packing ffor move, found one of the pieces of paper I was trying to follow someones work, like Wiles trick of rearrangeing equations and trying to keep them coherent and then work out what they mean, and one of them stopped Wolfram Alpha, before he retooled the entire engine, and the other was points of intrest on the graph,

One point was a gamma 2 of a parrticle of 10^35 eV or so. I couldnt remember if that was a Planck Mass, but it got my intrest in that wouldnt it be intresting if a black hole had no mass, only the mass energy of its gravitational field?

But as they say, doesnt matter how simple and beautiful a function is, if data demonstrates a reliable counterfact, it cant be true.

If the diameter of a black hole is directly related to its mass, then what happens to a ship floating in the center of an array of 60 black holes that approach to within 30 hole radii of the ship? Black Hole Bucky Ball?

We haven't yet got to "What shall we have for lunch?"

"Nopony has the answers to any of that yet, Sunny. So it's all magic. Ooh, is that a can of beans?"

What is the average trot speed of an un-magicked unicorn?

Is it an Equestrian or a Kludge-town unicorn?

Nope, just a big squish. Assuming, of course, that the surrounding space is mostly empty.

"Well, before it all went away what unicorn magic taught us about the innermost secrets of nature and the universe is... things are stuff. It's all just stuff. It isn't any deeper than that. Stuff is cool."

...Was that a Douglas Adams reference? It seems close enough (in phrasing and context) that it might be, but far enough that it might not, so I'm unsure.

I wasn't consciously thinking of that. At some subconscious level - maybe. Douglas Adams understood academics (he went to Cambridge). We spend several hours talking at length about the mysteries of the universe; then we stop for lunch.

I was more thinking of a specific bit from one of the H2G2 books (I forget which). Paraphrasing from memory:
The history of every major galactic civilization can be divided into three distinct phases, those of survival, inquiry, and sophistication. These are also known as the How, Why, and Where phases, from the questions "How can we eat?", "Why do we eat?", and "Where shall we have lunch?"
In the context of your comment, then, the reference would have meant that we're still asking the important questions in the inquiry phase.

Yeah, though, reference or not, stopping for lunch can be an important part of then continuing to talk about the mysteries of the universe in the afternoon. :D
(And thanks for the explanation of what you were more consciously, at least, thinking of, whether or not some Douglas Adams was floating around underneath.)

...You know, I wonder what else that could be used for? It seems like there could be all sorts of computing applications, for one. Heh. Also, perhaps it would allow universities to save some money by having new supercomputer facilities double as new dining halls? :D

The video at the end isn't showing as a valid video for me

Fixed. YouTube livestreaming has more unknown parameters than the Standard Model. I had everything set up to go live to the link I had sent everyone and posted here - then when we're ready to go, I press the button, and instead of doing that it creates a new one.

Go and make my day and help push the view count over 1000.

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