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So, about that popular theory that all of the events in "Friendship is Magic" only happened in a TV show that exists in the world of Generation 5..... I have a bit of a different idea about that. · 1:25am September 19th

There is a popular theory about Generation 5 going through the fandom right now, because of the Elements of Harmony merchandise that Sunny has in her bedroom. Namely that everything we have seen in Generation 4 never actually happened and is all just a TV show (or, alternatively, book) that exists in the world of Generation 5. This theory originated, probably independently, both in a comment on Equestria Daily and on Discord/Twitter:

There are many in the fandom who like this theory and wish for it to be true, because it would mean that they don't have to get used to it that Equestria became a dystopia in the future and that the three pony tribes are separate again. I am having a different thought about this theory, though:

What if everything that we will see in Generation 5 is just a story that is being told in the world of Generation 4?

Think about it. We have learned that the three pony tribes have separated again in Equestria's distant future. Hate, mistrust, paranoia and absolutely no friendship or cooperation between the tribes anymore. Which means Equestria is a dystopia in the future. And the new separation of the three pony tribes is something very sudden and unexpected, don't you think? Equestria is such a peaceful, harmonic and accepting society. It's not impossible for this to change, that almost happened because of what Tirek, Cozy Glow and Chrysalis were doing, but it's still very surprising that Equestria's nearly perfect society got turned upside down like that. The existence of the windigos also makes that difficult to happen, if there were a serious conflict, the chances are high that the involved ponies will settle it quickly once the first windigos show up. It isn't impossible for Equestria to change like that, but all of these things considered, it still feels odd to think that this actually happened.

Speaking of the windigos, their absence is also odd. The three pony tribes aren't united anymore, but Equestria (or, the three kingdoms it got split up into) still seems to be a thriving society with no windigos anywhere. And we haven't gotten an explanation where they are or what happened to them (unless we count my observation, but this is a very vague detail). We could get an explanation for this in Generation 5, but until then, the windigos simply don't seem to be there, even though they should be there. Right now, this feels quite like a plothole in a book, doesn't it?

And books are the next interesting point to make here. Dystopian is a very popular literatur and story genre. We also know that Equestria has a very rich book culture, with authors who write books that become bestsellers on the market, mainly through the Daring Do book series. And there is no reason why dystopian literature should be less popular in Equestria than it is on Earth. In fact, considering the countless threats Equestria has faced in the past and in the present – power-hungry tyrants, out-of-control magic, murderous monsters, untamed beasts, eldritch gods, sometimes even the weather itself, not to mention the windigos – it's even very likely, basically a given, that there are many authors who get inspired to stories about a potential dark future of Equestria. It's a genre that's probably popular among ponies.

All of this does line up pretty well in favor of the idea that everything we will see in Generation 5 is a story written in a book that exists in Equestria. And we can even go a step further than that.

I pointed out how many similarities there are between Sunny Starscout and Scootaloo, in my analyis of the first Generation 5 screenshot. I was saying that this could mean that Sunny is a descendant of Scootaloo. But, what if instead, Sunny is a character in a story that Scootaloo wrote? Or a story that Scootaloo is currently writing and we follow that story along throughout Generation 5?
Think about that too. Rainbow Dash is one of Sunny's three favourite members of the Elements of Harmony, as she has a button with her cutie mark on the straps of her satchel bag. Sunny has a poster with Rainbow Dash's cutie mark hanging in her bedroom. She idolizes Rainbow Dash and the picture of rollerskates on fire that she has hanging right next to the poster shows that Rainbow Dash has taught her the love for speed and that that she has inspired Sunny to get rollerskates so she can be as fast as Rainbow Dash. Doesn't all of this sound completely like Scootaloo herself? Lastly, Sunny even looks a lot like Scootaloo. Her coat has the same color, minus her fetlocks, and her mane and tail color are nearly the same as Scootaloo's.
So, is Sunny Starscout a character who Scootaloo created? It would make sense if Scootaloo modeled the mane character of a story she has written after herself. Especially if it is her first story and she struggled with creating a character. Or maybe she wanted to be able to identify herself with her character.
This also fits well and makes more sense the longer you think about it. Even Hasbro's statement from the First, Concrete Generation 5 News, how it didn't want to walk away from the rich lore of Generation 4, still makes sense if we consider this to be true, as Scootaloo's story would exist in the same Equestria we know from Generation 4 then and because her story would also be based on the lore we know from there.

So, maybe it's actually the events we'll see in Generation 5 that never happened and they are just a story that's written down on some sheets of paper somewhere in Scootaloo's bedroom.
I am not calling this a theory, because it's probably not true and both eras of Equestria, the past in Generation 4 and the future in Generation 5, are real in the same way. But it's an interesting thought that makes a lot more sense and that is, even though "Friendship is Magic" has taught us several times that the line between reality and fiction blurs, also less terrifying than suggesting that everything we have seen in Generation 4 has basically been a lie.

Stay easy as a filly!

~ Fluttercheer

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