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Sunny Starscout's Missing Cutie Mark - An Addendum to my Analysis of the first Generation 5 Screenshot · 1:13am September 18th

I have an addendum to make about my analysis of the first Generation 5 screenshot. I was so hyper-obsessed with Sunny herself and all the things she has in her room, that I completely missed something very important on the screenshot:

Sunny has no cutie mark on it. She is a blank flank.

The reason why that's so important is because it confirms the first sentence of the synopsis as literal.
Sunny has no cutie mark. But we know that she has already gotten her cutie mark, because of her depiction on the leaked bedding as well as a toy figure of Sunny that has her cutie mark on it. Or, that she would have gotten her cutie mark already if she could.
We know, ever since the Season 4 Finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, that magic lets the cutie mark appear on a pony's flank after they realized their special talent. So, why is Sunny a blank flank even though Generation 5 merchandise and toys depict her with a cutie mark? Correct. Because there is no magic anymore that makes her cutie mark visible.
It is indeed exactly as the first sentence of the synopsis says. Nopony in Equestria has magic anymore. And not only the unicorns did lose their magic, earth ponies did as well, and that means the weather control magic of the pegasi is also gone. All three pony tribes have lost their magic. Which now also completely solidifies what I said about the tennis ball on Izzy's horn in my previous Generation 5 analysis.
The pegasi guards stuck the tennis ball onto her horn to prevent her from using her horn for physical attacks, not to neutralize her magic. That was pretty clear already, but the literal loss of magic of the ponies of Equestria gives that the final, irrefutable evidence. I am wondering how the loss of magic affects the earth ponies and pegasi.

Tomorrow, I'll have a bigger and more exciting analysis again. With a thought I am sure no one else in the fandom had before. I planned to release it today, but I had to make this addendum first, so I'm moving it to tomorrow. But It's something good, so I promise you that the wait is worth it.

Stay easy as a filly!

~ Fluttercheer

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