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  • Tuesday
    I changed my account again lol

    My family’s talking about me being antisocial in the other room


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  • Tuesday
    Puppet Combo

    I love each and every one of their games. And of course I’m thinking of doing individual OC designs of the antagonists for each game.

    Right now I’m thinking Driller Killer, Night Ripper, Larry, Billy, or the Easter Ripper.

    And the two ideas I can kind of tear from that kind of fit with my ideas are Driller Killer or Larry.

    Here are each of them (in order)

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  • Tuesday

    Nage and Dorcelessness are things I feel on a daily basis

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  • Tuesday
    I kinda hate that we have phones now

    I wish I could just play with my cousins and have it not be video games and shit. Maybe we’d go outside and play in the dirt or something, or tag, or hide n seek. But there’s also the fact that kids get kidnapped, and all that stuff, and ugh.

    Maybe it’s cause I’m just really rowdy most of the time. But I hate being a sitting duck.

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  • Monday
    Looks like they’re up.

    Now to discuss some potential ideas. I could only tag one story, but both Last September and MLAATO are up for discussion. What do you guys think?

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I honestly think I’m gonna be numb to any kind of caffeine when I get older · 1:03pm September 17th

The classic RedBull tastes and looks like carbonated apple juice

I love it

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Be careful mijo, don't drink too much

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