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[Analysis] Equestria is Magic: Unicorn Horns are a National Threat · 1:28am Sep 17th, 2021

I am still not sure if a tennis ball can neutralize the magic of a unicorn. But I did go and asked Google about tennis balls and unicorn horns:

I had to use a little less straight-forward search term at the second attempt, as "Tennis Balls and Unicorn Horns" brought up nothing but Izzy, but Google still drew the connection. Even with the simplest and most general search term possible, Google still spills out Izzy as a result. Generation 5 hasn't even started yet, but it's already happening again that ponies are everywhere. Izzy already dominates the entire Internet. And the search still gave me an answer on the question why Izzy has a tennis ball on her horn.

What I found during the search is that putting tennis balls onto the horns of goats is a thing that's being done, to prevent aggressive goats from hurting others in the herd. This isn't something that Izzy would do, but after a little thinking about it, I realized that this actually contains the answer I was looking for:

The pegasus guards stuck a tennis ball onto Izzy's horn to protect themselves, and their ruler, from her.

We know, thanks to the synopsis of the Generation 5 movie, that the three pony tribes have separated and are enemies again and this gives the pegasus guards the perfect reason to equip Izzy like that. With this hostility between the tribes, each tribe rightfully expects and fears that either of the other two tribes (or both) could start an attack and reacts suspicious towards any intruder into their kingdom. But what exactly do the pegasi want to protect themselves from, Izzy's magic or her horn itself?
The synopsis also told us that Equestria has lost its magic. And it doesn't make clear whether that is meant literal and nopony (or, just the unicorns) have magic anymore or if it's meant symbolical and merely refers to the Magic of Friendship. But if the unicorns did lose their magic, the pegasi don't necessarily know about that, as the three pony tribes don't have contact with each other anymore (unless my theory about the separation is true, but that's not guaranteed, that's why it's a theory). However, the neutralization of magic still doesn't make sense as the reason for why the guards stuck that tennis ball onto Izzy's horn. During Generation 4, we have seen plenty of what a unicorn is capable of doing with their magic. A simple tennis ball could not stop that. And because of conflicts between the unicorns and pegasi, that surely happened at some point in the past even if my theory should turn out as wrong, the pegasi must know what unicorn magic can do. Which implies that they know that a tennis ball can't stop a unicorn from casting a lethal spell to attack. Spellcasting isn't the only way how a unicorn can attack with their horn, though.
Unicorn horns are a weapon. They are sharp and pointy. Unicorns in the distant future Equestria's that Generation 5 will show us even have longer and sharper horns than the unicorns of the past during Generation 4's era had. A unicorn could easily stab other ponies and severely injure them in a fight. The pegasi might or might not know that the unicorns lost their magic, if that's what happened, but even if they don't know it, what they definitely know is that a tennis ball couldn't neutralize a unicorn's magic. But a tennis ball can soften the blow if a unicorn tries to stab another pony, that's something a tennis ball on the horn of a unicorn provides excellent protection from.
So, the latter of the two things the pegasi might seek protection from is far more likely. They didn't put a tennis ball onto Izzy's horn to protect themselves from her magic, they did it to protect themselves from her sharp and pointy horn, to avoid getting stabbed with it if Izzy should act hostile and start to attack them with her horn. This especially makes sense considering that we see Sunny and Izzy in the throne room of the pegasus kingdom's castle on the second Generation 5 screenshot. Would you, as a pegasus guard, let an enemy unicorn anywhere near your ruler without taking their weapon away?
The answer to the mystery about Izzy's tennis ball is a lot simpler than I thought. But it also creates another mystery to think about. If the unicorns did indeed lose their magic, I am wondering if they trained themselves in horn combat and learned to use their horns as a weapon in battle. I am imagining unicorns fighting enemy soldiers by using their long and sharp horns like swords. This is so epic that I wish it to be the case in Equestria's future. I can't wait to find out if that is what happened and that's now one of the things I look forward to finding out the most.

Stay easy as a filly!

~ Fluttercheer

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