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. · 11:04pm September 16th

Name: Unkown

Height: 5'9

Weight:235 pounds

Age: Unknown, Presumably 16 to 18

Sex: Male

Eyes: Brown

Reason for observation: Visions of Grandeur

Subject is a Male that measures in around 5'9 while weighing in at 235 pounds. His name and age is unknown, however we suspect he is around sixteen to eighteen years of age, though he cannot tell what his name is, as we cannot get him to say it. The reason of His observation is that he appears to have Delusions of Grandeur, claiming to be a "Wonderful, underrated author" that's "Greater than Shakespeare" yet produces mediocre, bordering on horrible, stories, as well as having a Delusion ,that is classified as Bizarre, believing that invisible Equines are constantly surrounding him, watching his every move, as well as having Delusions of Eloquence.
We've prescribed numerous medicines to cure him, yet he still seems to posses the delusions. We've given him therapy with reward for every session he attends. Cameras and Microphones placed and hidden in his home pick up no particular actions that help us Identify his exact reasoning for these Delusions, and makes attempts to hide in corners when using his Laptop, hiding it from most cameras, though sifting through search history reveals nothing of note.

Further notes required.

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