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  • Today
    I’m making a whole ass character based on this song

    I’m obviously gonna name him “Tokyo” and I think he’s gonna be a young samurai. Maybe a bat pony? Idk. Anyone got ideas?

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  • Today
    Headcanon about Basher

    Chillest dude

    But has the most aggressive death metal screech

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  • Tuesday
    I love my sister

    But sometimes I’m convinced she buys me nice shit to prove to me she’s an adult lol

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  • Tuesday
    I just finished my math test while being sick as a fucking dog

    I went to bed mouth breathing and woke up with a sore throat. And I’m burning up, and my nose is running. Pretty sure I have a cold. But that doesn’t fucking matter cause I passed my Algebra interim at a 72!

    If I do well enough on my English 1 test I get an 82 because ten extra test points. So I passed either way!

    Now excuse me while I go fall over and die

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  • Tuesday

    I just remembered this one time I sang a duet with my mom and now I am extremely uncomfortable

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Griff’s PSA (EqG) · 5:20pm September 16th

”It isn’t very manly for a woman to have to cook for and clean after you. I’m Griff Adler, and I recommend this special technique to make you more manly!”

Griff tugged Metamorphosis into view.

”Marry a man and have him cook and clean after you!”

”…Griffy, who are you talking to?”

”The TradChads, Meta. The TradChads.”

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Comments ( 22 )


*Blushing in confusion* "Last I checked, you cooked for me."

”Last time I checked, I was the top.” *waggles eyebrows*

*Blushes heavily and hides his face* "W-Well, yeah, b-but..."

”Therefore…” *points to the kitchen* “Get your ass back in the kitchen.”

*Sighs and goes back in*


"So what restaurant are we getting takeout from today?"

”Mmm, we had Chang’s yesterday…kind of in the mood for Chipotle.”

"Well, place the order then."

”Buuuuuut, you’re the house husbandddd…you’re supposed to do everything for me!”

*Comes out, hand on his hips* "Since when have I been able to so much as sneeze without you pampering me? I'm not saying I don't like it, but I am making a point."

*blushes* “Well, there’s a difference! You’re a stay at home dad, I’m not. Simple.”

"I'm only a stay at home dad because the one thing I've been trained to do for my whole life is suddenly too dangerous just because I'm a couple years-"

"Twenty or so!"

"-Twenty or so years out of practice."

”Well I—I’m gonna go hook up with people on Tinder!!” *stomps off*

*Sighs and places the order for Chipotle* "Metamorphosis you complete idiot..."

*stomps back over* “I was only half joking because I felt embarrassed!!” *and then he stomps off again*

"And...the stomping is because...? Forget it." *tosses his phone away* "Your food will be here in about thirty minutes, and I'll be in my room talking Chrys into getting me another job that won't fire me for when you decide to stop pouting."

*Stressed hair tugging*

*storming around the house like an angry toddler*

Comment posted by B1ngB0ng deleted September 17th
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