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GoFundMe: New story, new photos, new jawbone. · 9:43pm September 15th

Well, this sucks.

Listen, I'm in a country which has free healthcare for most things that aren't dental, so I'm not nearly as bad off as I could be. I just have a really messed up jaw. Like, if I want to talk for long periods, or like, eat, I need to dislocate it just about every time to do that. Braces fixed it when I was a kid but, over the last few years, turns out it wasn't enough and now it's bad enough it's like I never had them at all.

So I got a surgery coming up in the next few months to slice my jaw off, move it into the right place, replace the missing chunk with titanium, and hopefully that means I won't need to make a sound like a twig being snapped over your knee every time I try to eat a burger.

That surgery would be $32,000, but it's classified as 'vital', and I've got it written off. The odds of something bad happening because of it, though, could be as high as 30%. One unlikely, but still possible, known risk is that my entire jaw just... shatters from trying this.

To make that less likely, I need another surgery first to get my wisdom teeth drilled out on the 29th. That one counts as a luxury, and I'm uninsurable due to having a ton of pre-existing conditions. And it's dental, so I have to take the hit for it.

$4,000, cash upfront, and I'm living on a pension.

Now, between commissions, savings, and just trying to live within my means, I got nearly $2,000 on my own in time for this. So I only really need $2,000 but, uh, I kind of need to ask for $3,000 so I can pay bills and living expenses and rebuild my savings after the hit, since I'm probably not going to be able to work for a little while after the surgery. I was planning on having more saved by now, but I had some health issues in the first two weeks of September that kept me from working effectively then, too.

Anyway, here's some cool photos I did, and here's a new fic. I'd hate to ask without also having something to give.

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Images currently broken for being too big - gimme a second, I'll cut the file size on these and try again

Hope the surgeries are successful. Tossed in what I could and signal-boosted.

Also, where along South Bank is the second last photo? Assuming they're all along South Bank anyways.


They are! And it's just up from the ferris wheel - they're building a new bridge

Damn. Donated, hope everything works out.

Best of luck with the surgery, Numbers. Looking forward to reading your story!

Sorry to hear, man. Posted what I could, and I sincerely hope everything goes well for you.

Excellent photos, as usual. I'm hopeful you are keeping up with that... (Of course, I mean that I hope you're really enjoying it.)

Best of luck! Gave a bit and will boost!

Huh. Missed the boat on this one. Well, glad to see you met the goal; here's hoping for a straightforward surgery.

Wow. Guess I don't need to signal boost this time.

But I can still give you something money can't buy: condolences and advice, or at least, sharing.

I've had my jaw broken in a suicide attempt, wired shut to fix it, and my jaw resectioned for FFS (that's "facial feminization surgery" not "for fuck's sake" though those categories are absolutely not mutually exclusive) and it can be pretty weird to deal with jaw stuff. I feel for your situation, and also for you specifically.

The mane thing in my case is that the resection means I have to close my jaw more to close it completely. Like, my old jaw would have my teeth overlapping like some analytic function if I had to close it that much. There's more lower lip than there should be. I smile with my mouth partly open now (kinda have to or it's not attractive) but it looks like it's shut. It's fucking weird but it works fine.

When I had it wired shut for three weeks, I had to suck pills through my teeth. There's a reason Premarin is named that: it's an abbreviation for "pregnant mare urine", which is not as sexy as it sounds because when you crush the pills it actually does taste like horse piss and please stop imagining that as sexy, I'm looking at you 5582503 (because you're the most amusing choice for some reason). I would have been taking the plant-derived version which involves less horse catheter torture, but at the time it wasn't covered by insurance. And now I don't take it at all because I'm not really into breast cancer or nonfunctional bits even though maybe I should try it to cure depression.

Anyhow, maybe the one useful thing in all of this crap is this: if you can't use your jaw for a while, which might happen, you'll need to rebuild the muscles that enable you to chew. Even though you're warned about this it's a real surprise just how weak they get. Everypony plans on having some special food item they can't stop thinking about when they're unable to eat for three weeks, or so I was told, so I made mine a sausage egg and cheese on a biscuit. I could not chew any part of that, not even biscuit soaked in milk. But I was able to swallow a bunch of pill-sized pieces of it and it was still great.

tl;dr good luck and take it slow. :heart:

:twilightoops: Never started!

Yeah, sure, that's what they all say. They all say, "I never started to imagine sucking horse piss pills through my teeth because my jaw was wired shut being sexy".

Not sure why all of them say that. Kind of sus, really.

Yeah, I mean... what are the odds?*

Now, kumis... yeah, that I'd suck through a wired-shut jaw. After enough of it, I might even start to consider it sexy.

* Honestly, the one sure-fire way to find someone who thinks sucking on horse piss pills is sexy is to find the guy who regularly and loudly proclaims that it's a sin and god hates anyone who does it.

The * is sage.

I don't know what kumis is but this was immediately what came to mind. Maybe I am that person after all.


good stuff
good for you!*
*very debatable

Ah, looks like I'm a bit late getting to this -- but I'm glad to see that so much more than the goal has already been raised!
Sorry you're having to deal with those health issues; good luck.


I'm not really into breast cancer

Being AMAB doesn't completely prevent this, for the record. The risk goes way down for hopefully obvious reasons, but that makes it all the more dangerous because nobody bothers to check for it.

Yes, this is very true. If you have tissue there it's more likely though, and I have none apart from the stellar* implants.

(* = "very good", not "nuclear fusion tits activate")

I'm nosy and distactful and have a morbid curiosity and you're an extremely open person but please absolutely feel free to not answer if you don't feel comfortable doing so but what sort of suicide attempt ends with a broken jaw like I'm curious is that like a gunshot wound or from a fall either way I'm really f****** glad you survived cuz you're really cool person who I always look forward to meeting at conventions and your parties,

It was a fall. Gunshots are more likely to end with no jaw. Also, although I don't care personally, those sorts of questions are less disturbing to others when sent via PM, etc.

alright I'm nosy and you're pretty open I'll follow up in p.m.

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