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Interview with C-L-Strike · 7:43pm September 15th


1. What got you into MLP?

Seth Standmore

It was when the television cartoon Dan Versus the Forces Of Evil was on The Hube, I began watching that show and writing fan fiction's for it where Dan Versus became the Champion of the Old Justice, then I found out about Dan Versus The Magic Of Firnedship on Fim Ficiton Dot . Net and, that is how I began watching MLP (I have never watched a single episode of MLP)
But, I have read many Fan Fiction's for My Little Pony


Question 2: Who is BEST creature?

Seth Standmore

I think that the best creature in My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic is probably the one I have written about the most that is Whaleflower Blush, she is a Green Person which makes her a good role model for little kid's who do not like to eat vegetables, because she ate her vegetables she absorbed all of their chloroplasts and became Green Too, that is why she likes Plants so much.

I enjoy writing about her because she has Self-Esteem Issues like many people and, I can use her to show people that self esteem issues can be overcome, and also she can use anime power's and sword's


I see. I see.
Question 3: What inspired your username?

Seth Standmore

Well the name I have on Fim Fiction Dot . Net is C-L-Strife which was, the name of the hero of my first story that I wrote on fim fiction dot . net Cloud Leonhart Strife, he was named after all of my favorite characters they were Fox McCloud from Carfax69, Richard the Leonhart from the plays of William Shatner (also known as, The Chairman of the Bard) and, Strife the Rabbit which was the name of my first Sonic OC when I was seventeen

Here on my profile for Diskin.com I am Katanamaruchanismywaifu because, my GF Katana-Maru-Chan is the love of my wife

but, I also like to just be called Seth Standmore, I want my name known so I can honor my grand father ROY STANDMORE.


I see I see.
Question 4: What inspires you to write, and what advice might you give to a new writer just staring out?

Seth Standmore

Well what inspires me to write is, I am very smart and have too many ideas, when I write them down the ideas come out and I can make more room for them in my Brain, I am also inspired to write by the sights sounds and smells I see on fim fiction dot . net especially all the nazis and pedophiles who fill the Featured Box with FOULCON, I write to tell people that THERE ARE GOOD PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD WHO DO NOT BELIEVE IN THOSE THING'S

If there are new writer's out there............. my advice is to Listen To People who try to give you Advice, and also not everyone is as good at giving Advice as other people, and you need to learn the Difference because, some people will give Bad Advice not knowing it is Bad Advice, and some people will give you Good Advice even if you do not want to take it

it takes a long time to learn the difference so, some time's yo might not want to write until you are thirty

But you can write even if you are FIVE.


Alright, just a few more and we will be done
Question 5: What is one story, mlp or not that has inspired you, and why?

Seth Standmore

Well I think the story that has inspired me the most is the story Berserk, it is about a Tall Man with a Big Sword, his name is Berserk and he is Very Angry, he wants to hunt down a man named Griffin Lewis for taking away his wife's Brain, this story taught me many thing's about life love and Sturggle, it taught me to love Big Sword's and Dark Armor and, the protagonist's constant struggle with his own trauma and drive to push forward through it is very inspirational.


I see.
Question 6: Let's turn the tables, is there anything you'd like to ask me? Be careful you only get 1 question.

Seth Standmore

I would like to know about the God Frog, I am open minded and will convert to this Religion if it is Compelling to me

Oh it's not a religious thing at all. Though I can understand why you would think this. Godfrog is the nickname for Kaeru who is the "Goddess" of my own homebrew world. You need a creator person to be responsible for anything that might happen, I love frogs, so I decided she would be the Godfrog. She has three forms. Her Goddess form, her child form, and her frog form. Each of which she uses on the mortal realm at times.


Last question: Is there anything else you'd like to say?

Seth Standmore

Yes, I Seth Standmore know that while thing's might seem bad and sorry sometime's in this world in which we live there are Good People who make it better
[10:20 PM]
to all of the LGBTs and also Qs of the world YOU MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE............ to all the Nazis and Racists and Bigot's you make it WORSE.
[10:20 PM]
and to the people who Struggle for Freedom and Right's, together with my legendairy Grand-Father.......... I Seth Standmore will always STAND MORE WITH YOU.

Link to Seth Standmore's Fimfiction page: LINK

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