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Princess Luna is canonically my dad.

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  • Today
    There was this one time I ate an entire cake with my dad

    We were in Beaufort for his retirement weekend and we had one more Navy themed cake left, which my mom had brought back to our hotel room. So my dad and I sat next to the window and just ate the whole thing, slice by slice, with our hands.

    This was maybe sometime after I’d hit double digits.

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  • Tuesday
    I changed my account again lol

    My family’s talking about me being antisocial in the other room


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  • Tuesday
    Puppet Combo

    I love each and every one of their games. And of course I’m thinking of doing individual OC designs of the antagonists for each game.

    Right now I’m thinking Driller Killer, Night Ripper, Larry, Billy, or the Easter Ripper.

    And the two ideas I can kind of tear from that kind of fit with my ideas are Driller Killer or Larry.

    Here are each of them (in order)

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  • Tuesday

    Nage and Dorcelessness are things I feel on a daily basis

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Just had a conversation with my mom · 7:27pm September 15th

She’s gonna talk to my therapist to see if he can recommend a psychologist!

This is a good thing.

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