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    Hmm I was planning on it did you have a request?

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    Pinkie surprise

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    dude just do it! This song is great

    All I did was change a few words bumble that’s it I-I don’t think….

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Sparking confession part 2 · 6:57pm Sep 15th, 2021

*twilight wiped her eyes as she made her way to the bathroom.*

He already has so many girlfriends, Why would he want to be with me? Besides… they’re way prettier then I am…

*in her depressed state she bumps into a couple boys*

Hey, watch it!


Hey you’re that one girl from Crystal Prep!

Hey That’s right! Think you’re so smart you don’t have to look where you’re going?!

N-no, I mean yes I do… erm…

You broke my bro’s arm running into him! How are you going to make it up to us?

Yeah, i’m really hurtin’ here!

Wh- what? I couldn’t possibly have broken it! To break your arm I would need to expend a great amount of force, like with a sledgehammer or-

Did you just threaten to hurt my bud with a Sledgehammer?!

Wh- what?! No! I would never-

Well the surgery to fix my friend’s arm isn’t going to be cheap. So tell you what, you give us $300,000 and we’ll forget this happened!

$300,000?! But I don’t have that kind of money!

Then tell ya what… *grabs her arm* we can be friendly guys. why don’t we go to this one place I know, then we can be as friendly as we want?

N-no! Your arm didn’t break, and I can prove it!

Oh yeah? And can you prove you didn’t threaten to hurt us? It’ll be your word against ours!

I… I…

Come on, lets go already!

‘S- somebody… help!’

*suddenly a hand grabs the boy’s wrist and Fallout is in his face.*

She doesn’t want to go with you! Leave!


Yeah?! And who’s gonna stop us? You?! You must be bad at math, cus me and my buddy outnumber you! Right pal? … uh pal?

*the other boy is paralyzed as he stares at Fallout*

H-hey! That’s the guy from the friendship games! The guy who turned into a demon!!!

S-so what?! H-he doesn’t look so intimidating now! W-we could probably take him on and take the little skank for-

*Fallout grips the boy’s wrist harder. He stares into the bully’s eyes with a scornful stare, frightening him even more.*

Get. Lost. NOW!

*Fallout lets go of the boy and pushes him roughly. The boys nearly trip on their feet as they fled the scene. Once Fallout cools down he realizes how scary he must look and is worried about how he must look right now.*

T-twilight… I-

*hugs him* oh Fallout! I was so scared! Thank you for saving me!

*hugs back* no worries Twi, I wasn’t going to let them hurt you!

But why are you here? I thought you would want to be with your… girlfriends.

I was worried about you, you seemed really upset!

You… were worried about me?

Of course Twi, you mean a lot to me!

*Twilight was silently blushing for several moments before suddenly kissing fallout right on the lips. Though startled at first Fallout eases into the feeling and adds his own motions. After a few seconds Twilight opens her eyes, and upon realizing her actions, forces herself away from Fallout.*



It’s just, I was so grateful for your help, and you’ve been so nice to me, and you’re so cute… and… and……… I- I really really Like you Fallout! Please go out with me!

Y- you like me?

*twilight blushes hard after realizing how silly she must look.* I- I know we’ve only known each other for a few months… but you’ve become one of my best friends… and after the way you make me feel… I want to be more then that… but I know you already have too many girlfriends… so if you don’t want me… please promise me we can still be friends.

… no Twilight, I don’t think we can ever just be friends again.

*Twilight recoiled, expecting this to be his rejection, when suddenly Fallout holds her close with their faces just inches apart.*

Because I really like you too.

*before Twilight could say anything Fallout closes the distance and they start their second round of kissing. Now it was Twilight’s turn to be surprised before melting in the embrace. After what felt like an eternity, but still a moment too short, they separated and stared deeply at each other.*

Y-you really like me too?

Yeah, I was worried how you would feel about me after what happened at the Friendship Games, plus after all the tutoring sessions we had I figured you thought I wasn’t smart enough…

I don’t care about any of that! You’re not a monster! And you don’t have to be a genius! I just want you to be the kind, caring person you already are!

Thanks Twilight, you really are a Smart, sweet and caring person. Pl- plus you’re also really cute too!

I- I am? S- so do you want me to be your girlfriend then?

Yeah, but listen… I also love the other girls, so if you don’t mind sharing me with them…

I don’t care how many other girlfriends you have, I just want you in my life! And I want to be part of yours too.

Well alright then…

*Fallout and Twilight lean for another kiss*


*The two turn and see Fallout’s girlfriends with sour expressions, and Sunset Shimmer looking worried.*

Ya’ll wanna explain what’s goin on here?

Yeah Fallout, why were you kissing a girl who isn’t in the group?!

Wh-where you cheating on us?!

Girls… i’m sorry, I-

*gets in front of Twilight* Girls, I’m sorry you had to see this… but I also have feelings for Twilight. But if you’re unhappy about this then Please don’t be mad at her, I don’t want her being alone again. You can punish me however you want later, but please let her still be your friend!

… Well there’s only one thing left to say…

*suddenly The girls’ frowns turn into smiles as Pinkie Pie pulls out her party cannon from her hair.*


Shhh! This is a library!

… oh, sorry, Ms. Cheerile. Congratulations *kaboom*

*even though her party cannon, makes such a small noise it could barely be called a whisper, yet confetti filled the air all the same*

H- how did she- ?

*giggles* You’ll get used to it.

Girls, does this mean you’re not mad?

Mad? Why would we be mad? This is so super fantastic!

We’ve been wantin’ ya’ll to get together fer ages!

But… I kissed her, and she wasn’t my girlfriend!

Well yeah, if it was anyone else we’d be upset.

But Twilight’s one of our best friends! Plus she honestly does care for you like we would!

And the last few months we totally saw you both staring at each other!

Especially at your booties! *smacks them both on the rump*

*both Fallout and Twilight stand blushing*

Oh! We oughta tell Rarity! She’ll wanna know ‘bout this! *calls her and puts her on speaker phone*


Hey Rare, guess what? Fallout and Twilight kissed!

*gasp!* was it a peck or a smooch?

Oh definitely mouth-to-mouth action!

*shriek of joy*

Um, miss Rarity, Are you okay?

Coco, darling, do you mind? this is a personal call!

But, you’re on the sales floor…


*rolls eyes* alright ya’ll, lets make sure it’s a unanimous decision to have Twilight in the group!

Yeah! All for Twilight joining in the fun and giving Honey Bunny love and snuggles, raise your hand!

*all the girls raised their hands, with Sunset half raising her hand, before realizing her vote didn’t likely matter.*

Um, miss Rarity, why are you raising your hand?

QUIET COCO! I am voting!

*chuckles* all opposed?

*no one raised their hands*

My hand is down!

It’s a unanimous vote! You’re in Twilight!

*the girls gather around Fallout and Twilight and give them a big group hug. Meanwhile Sunset stayed behind and rubbed her arm.*

Oh are we hugging? This feels like a hugging moment! Come, Coco, embrace me!

Whaa!!! M- Miss Rarity?! There are customers watching!!!

Hey! You two should totally go out tonight!

Y-you sure? But isn’t tonight your turn for… um, “snuggles?”

It’s okay! You two just became a couple! This should be her night!

W-well if you want… my folks are out of town for the weekend, so maybe we can move the study session to my place? And maybe… order some pizza?

Okay… if that’s what you want… I’ll get our stuff!

*the new couple hold each other’s hand as they made their way back to the table to collect their things and leave.*

Awe, I love happy endings!

Yeah, It almost went sour when AJ almost blurted out we were spying on them!

Well if you hadn’t backed into them books, we wouldn’t have gotten caught!

You better not be saying I have a fat butt! It’s no where near as big as yours!

Hey! I got birthin’ hips! Not like you and your skinny little keister!

oh you wanna go, Ms. baby hips?!

Girls please, no fighting!

*as Fluttershy tried to calm the storm between the two athletes Pinkie Pie saw Sunset watching Fallout leave with a small frown.*

Don’t worry, Sunset, your time will come too!

Huh!? Wh- what?! I- I don’t know what you mean! Fallout and I are just friends!


Miss Rarity, can we get back to work?

Shhh, you’re ruining the moment, darling.

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*The Monday after, Fallout and Twilight walk to school, the first time together as a couple. Twilight snuggled close to Fallout, daydreaming about their weekend together, while he had his arm around her.*

This weekend was the best two days of my life! … A-And nights. I’m so happy we’re finally together!

“Yeah, me too! … but you’re sure i’m who you want to be with? I’m sure there are other guys who are smarter… cooler… more handsome then I am…”

Nuh uh! I told you I don’t care how smart you are! And you’re plenty Cool and… h-handsome! There’s no one else I could possibly see myself with!

*before Fallout could reply he stops in his tracks and puts his other arm around Twilight to stop them both from running into Flash Sentry.*

Oop, sorry!

“It’s cool, man!”

Yeah, we’re really sorry… um, Flash Sentry, was it?

Um, yeah! Hey, you two seem to be close. Did you guys finally get together?

Y-Yes! Fallout is my… B-Boyfriend now!

oh… okay, cool!

Looks like i lost my chance with another one…

“Say something?”

Nothing! Hey did you guys sign up for The field trip this summer? This year We’re going to that one place, Camp Everfree!

“Oh, no not yet! Sounds fun though!”

I don’t know, i’m not really into outdoors stuff.

“Oh, come on, Twi! It’ll be fun!”

well… alright, maybe we can get the other girls to come too!

“Yeah, after everything that happened in the last half year or so, it’ll be nice to relax. Plus it’s just a camp, What’s the worst that could happen?”



Walks up to fallout and twilight

hey heard you both joined the demon power club current members about 4 now hopefully you won’t be abusing your abilities for everyday situations though scaring the crap outta bullies with a look is ok here’s the rules pamphlet sunset made it meetings are after school on tuesdays

You really think it’s gone dude your giving off a demon aura right now both of you are the slightest provocation could cause a transformation why do you think sunset takes anger management classes and another thing but that’s for her to tell you not me here’s is connected to her temper with you it’s connected to your trust issues your anger at bullies when they should oh and a sense of self worthlessness caused by bullying that’s you’ve endured kinda the same for twiggles here under extreme pressure self fear I mean seriously she was exposed to a lot of ambient magic the slightest push could flip her switch and make her go on a rampage better safe then sorry oh and er just a heads up I pranked Dashie and right now her hairs pinker the both Fluttershy and pinkies hair and she’s really pissed and is currently trying to find where you keep the spare key to the schools baseball equipment cya Friday.

Why would you do that?!!

She ate my pizza last night after being warned touch it and I’d dye her hair pink

Ugh ya gotta a be Kidding me!

Ducks a baseball bat. hiya Dashie you caused this yourself by touching my food don’t let me be called a liar ducks again and grabs the bat. strike two

Ok that’s enough both of you!

but he-

No butts! I’m already freaking out here!!

i want my hair color back!

Lasts 24hrs next time don’t eat my pizza also fallout you failed your eyes have shifted you should wear some shades for it

wait failed his eyes? There’s nothing wrong with them

Yeah what are you talking about

Holds up a mirror to fallout. Ok now look at dash her frustration and the knowledge here hairs stuck pink for a entire day or something that makes your mad and watch the mirror carefully shifts don’t always occur as a full change most of the time it’s subtle

“What are you talking about? Twilight didn’t turn into a demon, I did!”

”well… about that…”

According to my calculations, Spike, once my latest invention is complete, we’ll be able to harvest energies never siphoned by man! Think of all the new resources we could discover! The new inventions i could create to control this new energy! The awards and magazine that want me to be in the history books!

uh, huh. How do you even know it’s going to work?

that’s what this Experiment is for, isn’t it?

*Twilight then attaches some wires and goes to her computer.*

Get ready Spike! We’re about to make history!

*Spike then hides behind a lead lined Doggy kennel.*

*Twilight then presses a button, only for nothing to happen.*

huh? What happened? That should have worked!

Don’t look at me!

*suddenly a surge of energy emerged from across the room.*


*soon a portal opens and Bumblebeau and Redsopine emerge from the other side.*

Oh, Fallout! Where are you?

”I think you messed up the coordinates. This doesn’t look like Fallout’s house at all!”

Ugh, your right, this looks like Twi’s lab.

Woah, Twilight, you created a portal machine?!

Portal Machine? Sorry, bud, but that one was on me.

”This is Fallout’s universe, right? Otherwise please tell me this isn’t the universe where everyone plays children card games…”

uh, no. We know who Fallout is. What, are you telling me you’re from another universe?!

more like Alternative Reality, but yeah.

Twilight, do you know what this means?!


Twilight, we just confirmed Alternate Realities exist and your worried about your machine?!

I’ll nerd out about the possibilities later, right now we need to get this machine up and going!

”You mean this machine? Wow, this looks like a very nice energy siphoning device, despite how basic the technology is.”

yeah, yeah. If you know what it is, then can you give it a good going over?

”sure thing.”

*Twilight goes back to messing with her computer to double check the program she wrote.*

So, you’re this universe’s Twilight huh?

uh huh…

cool, cool.

*Spike rolls his eyes and looks at the wall to see a plug has come undone.*

oh, i wonder if this is the problem?

So uh, you and Fallout really close? He treating you right?

oh yes, he’s my Best Friend! He’d never hurt me!

Okay good! I was hoping if he ever started dating you that he’d treat you like a princess!!

Yeah he…. Wait, Dating?!

yeah, aren’t you his girlfriend?

G-Girlfriend?! B-but i only met him a week ago! Surly he doesn’t feel that way about me! …right?

oh… um… I-

”Bumble, what did you do?”

*Then Spike puts the plug into the wall and the machine lights up, engulfing Redsopine in a bright light. Soon the light gets brighter and brighter until the numbers on Twilight’s computer were reaching critical.*

Get down!

*Twilight pushes Bumble down soon enough to protect him from the blast of energy that Red discharges, but not soon enough to protect herself as she absorbs the full extent of the blast. Once the atmosphere clears Bumble and Spike get up to check on Twilight.*


Twi, say something Twilight!

”I’m okay….. thanks for asking…”

*Soon Twilight raises her head and beams of light emerged from her eyes as a dark purple flame engulfed her. When the flames disperse Midnight Sparkle takes her place.*


So this is how Fallout felt… such a gift was wasted on him!

”St- stand back. I got this!” *As much as Red tried he couldn’t use even a basic spell* … uh oh, her device must have sent her my powers!

And now I’m going to use it to rewrite the world in my image!

What do we do?!

I’ll distract her, Red see if you can find a way to get this machine going again!

*Bumble tackles Midnight and sends both her and him into another dimension.*

”This machine is too melted, it would take way too long to get it working again… looks like it’s time for plan B!”

Plan B?

*Red pulls out a big old Satellite Phone from his bag.*

”Dashie? I need your help! I need you to go in my bunker and bring out everything in locker 82.J!”

Give me one reason I should after you got Nutella on my new Track shoes!

”That was an accident! I was making Lunch for Umbra!”

His Lunch cost me $200! You better pay me back!

”Dash! There are more important things then shoes! Get my stuff and get to my location!”

Fine, but i want new shoes! *click*

”I swear, one of these days I’m gonna dye that Girl’s head pink!”

I wonder if we should tell Fallout about this…

”I’m sure he has other things to worry about…”


“Pinkie! I need to study!”

And I need my cuddles! You get your sweet sexy self over here!

“Later, I promise! Okay?”

Pinkie Promise?

“Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!”


*Fallout goes back to studying, but after a few minutes notices Pinkie looking at him like a love starved puppy.*

“… ugh, fine maybe i can take a five minute bre-“

YAY! *Grabs Fallout and slings him to the bed*

“Whoa! Pinkie! How did you- URKKK!!!”

No talk, snuggle time!

“Pinkie, you’re crushing me!”


I swear to god one of these days your gonna kill me pinkie!!



she still ate my pizza though and that was a very convenient reason to dye her hair also do you have any idea how hard it was to completely rebuild a siphon machine code it to the correct gententic wavelength to depower her demon form without knocking bumble out then rewriting its coding to never siphon demonic energy tracking them both down though a multiversal fight and removing as much of the corruption that’s safe without destroying her mortal soul in the process which is a fate worse then death it’s what I ment when I said your eyes shift with your emotions because there’s always a taint growing just not as overpowering

Can you not scare me please!

fallout is a great person I’ll make sure he never turns into that demon ever again

Won’t help seeing as you both emit it now just watch for mood shifts and your thoughts becoming either more about power or lustful because that’s a warning you need to blow off magical steam

I don’t have magic anymore!

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