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If there’s one thing I hate about my mom · 3:03pm September 15th

It’s that she gets pissed when one thing goes wrong with my schedule. I was twenty minutes late to a class because I got the time wrong. And even though I participated and completed the assignment she still gets pissy with me and says I can’t be on my phone after school.

She still fucking grills me about my math grade like it’s her fucking priority what I do.

I don’t need your ass to be smart. I can manage my own shit. Focus on your own fucking life and stay the fuck out of mine. It’s like she doesn’t trust me to handle my own shit and constantly tries to micromanage me.

I’m tired of it. I wish she would just fuck off sometimes.

Now I’m upset again. Ugh.

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I guess she thinks what shes doing is best for you

Yeah, no duh. But it’s like she refuses to acknowledge that it doesn’t help. It’s really dumb.

Yeah, except it’s not.

Maybe she needs a job where she's not around to bother you

It’s South Carolina where we have to travel like thirty minutes to get to a restaurant where they won’t take a generous “sample” of whatever you order. Her standards are way too high for that…but if we did live in a better area, then yeah.


Bruh we’re at Chipotle now

I swear she always does this thing where she makes me mad and then does something to make me happy after I talk shit about her

Maybe she's aware she's not helping so she's trying to make it up to you?

Like how when my dad and I argue sometimes he'll insist on giving me a hug when we've talked things out?

Yeah. My mom does the same thing after I’m done crying.

Does it usually help though?

For me, yes. Because it lets me know she doesn’t really hate me since I tend to confuzzle sometimes.


Actually, yes, he gives very great hugs

My Aunt I was living was the same but She blamed me and my sister for things that we did not do and she treated us (Pardon My language) like pieces of Shit and I could not handle it so in 2013 I left and ended up on the streets and ended up in Ogden Utah for 4 years till 2016 when I found my Uncle from my Dad's side of my family. Anyway FantasticPhantasm, Don't let your mom get you down, keep your chin up and always know you have friends here in the FimFiction World

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